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Deciding between EHR solutions is not a hard nut to crack. You just need the right directions to meet an end. So, here we have penned down an Experity vs Practice Mate comparison so you can pick the solution that best aligns with your practice. So, let’s get straight to the point.

Experity EHR:

Experity is a web-based EHR solution known for its extensive feature range. The vendor pairs all basic healthcare functionalities with tech-savvy technology to add the element of intuitiveness to its services. It serves as an unparalleled solution for urgent care, primary care, pediatrics, and many more specialties. Experity healthcare software is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, thus allowing instant access to clinical files.

This fine-grade software improves the financial bottom line of clinical practices by mitigating all the revenue cycle bottlenecks. Also, it improves clinical productivity by handling the daunting administrative processes and does an excellent job of engaging patients in care processes. It especially includes the radiology feature for urgent care practitioners so they can carry out an adequate diagnosis to improve patient health.

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Experity EHR Features:

This intuitive care platform offers a never-ending list of integrated services and capabilities. It provides clinicians with top-class facilities so they can deliver to-the-point care. There’s no doubt about the quality of services offered as Experity EMR is a part of thousands of medical practices. Here’s a list of its impeccable services that spike users’ interest in this platform.

Auto-populating documentation templates

Built-in payer guidelines

Real-time insurance verification

Same-time documentation

Payment processing

Patent registration


Online scheduling

Coding automation

Lab integrations

SMS messaging

Discharge plans

Business intelligence solutions


Experity EHR Reviews:

Reviews of Experity EHR are lauded with praises for this solution comes with a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to learn and comes with a gentle learning curve. Also, it has all the required clinical functionalities under one roof. From the customer’s point of view, this is the best-of-all solution as it offers exceptional services at a minimal cost. These are the vital points of Experity EMR reviews.

  • Experity is capable of shaping the clinical workflow of medical practices.
  • It enhances the productivity of care organizations by identifying and resolving all the bottlenecks.
  • Its advanced performance tracking tool tracks clinical performance by setting key performance indicators.
  • Experity EMR is a service-oriented and feature-rich solution from every perspective.
  • The software professionally handles emergency situations without disrupting the workflow of urgent care practice.

Experity EHR Pricing:

This vendor does not disclose the pricing details. Send a quote to know the price label associated with Experity EMR.

Practice Mate:

Office Ally Practice Mate is a cost-free solution lauded for its elegance and versatility. It is indeed a feature-rich solution that lets medical providers visualize themselves with a scalable business for it helps practices scale. The practice management module is the heart of Practice Mate, for it’s all a clinical need to keep his tasks organized. Practice Mate being a robust software, shapes the administrative workflow of practices in a blink of an eye.

Ally Practice Mate tends to the personalized needs of practices instead of getting in the way. It minimizes the distraction a practitioner faces by reducing the screen time and more. Also, it offers convenience in all its services so care providers can work with ease. Engaging patients is not a nerve-wracking task with Practice Mate EHR for it masters the art of keeping patients engaged. All-in-all, this cost-effective solution serves as an all-inclusive platform.

Ally Practice Mate Features:

Just because Practice Mate is labeled as free software, it doesn’t mean its features are not as effective as Experity. In Experity vs Practice Mate comparison, this vendor wins the pricing round for it offers cost-free practice management and revenue cycle solutions. There are countless add-on services too that charge a specific price for better clinical functioning.

These are the services offered by Practice Mate:

Practice Mate

Intake Pro


Reminder Mate

Credit card processing by AxiaMed

Built-in scheduler

Chronic care management

Mediation samples

Direct messaging by Updox

Accounting Module

Auto statement mailing

Patient Ally

Virtual Visits

OA-RX E-prescribing

Real-time transactions

Practice Mate EHR Reviews:

Understanding Office Ally Practice Mate is way easier with its reviews. The reviews present a complete overview of Office Ally Practice Mate, highlighting all the vital points. Users adore this robust solution for it offers state-of-the art services for no cost. Also, not even one of the Practice Mate reviews complains about the quality of its services, for it maintains top-grade quality, it is a solution for the clinicians. Here’s the crux of Practice Mate reviews.

  • Practice Mate software features up-to-date clinical services to let practitioners score a sustainable position in the competitive medical industry.
  • In Experity vs Practice Mate, the latter offers a flawless user interface and supports smooth navigation.
  • Patient Ally serves as a comprehensive portal for patients and keeps them updated on their progress.
  • Its integrated clearinghouse serves an excellent deal for practitioners by connecting them with the right payer to improve clinical finances.
  • Reviews show that Practice Mate increases the authenticity of end results with its flashy services.

Practice Mate Software Cost:

You already know that Ally Practice Mate is a zero-cost solution. But that’s not it. The EHR solution of Office Ally Practice Mate costs $29.95 per month. The Reminder Mate service costs from $29.95 to $89.95. The cost varies as per the number of reminders required. Visit the Practice Mate website to learn the price details. This price difference is the most crucial point in Experity vs Practice Mate comparison, for Experity EMR doesn’t offer a free plan.


Both solutions are best in the services offered. In Experity vs Practice Mate comparison, we learned that these solutions vary significantly in all their aspects, from feature range to price details, and even the custom reviews about these platforms are quite different. Amidst this situation, picking “the one£ is not that difficult. Just evaluate the solutions thoroughly, and if needed schedule a demo. Request Experity EHR price details, and that’s it; you can make a valuable decision.


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