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Trampoline is a fun and energetic activity enjoyed by kids all across the globe. Bouncing on a trampoline provides a sense of adventure to many children. After all, they enjoy being air-bound and falling back. For sure, they will squeal with delight each time they bounce on the trampoline. It also engages kids in physical activity and helps them to stay fit. Hence, purchasing a trampoline for your kids from brands like Vuly Trampoline will benefit you immensely. So, if you want to know more about them, you can read further and learn.

What is a trampoline?

Trampoline is the desired play equipment favoured by most children and can be used for many gymnastics and recreation. It is designed from a thick mesh fabric, which is attached to the frame with springs. It allows a person to bounce and jump on it.

What is the right age to introduce trampoline to kids?

You might be wondering about the right age to introduce it to children. As per studies, the right age to begin trampoline is six years. Children below six years are not fully developed, and their bones might not manage the repetitive pressure. It is recommended to advise caution since young children under six can sustain injuries. However, research states that active and well-built 4-year-old children can jump on it under the supervision of an adult.

How do you make trampolines safer for kids?

Trampoline is a safe activity and beneficial to many kids. Read some safety tips further to avoid any mishaps.

  1. One child at a time rule: Injuries occur because many children enjoy jumping together on a trampoline. To avoid collision and injuries, it is recommended to allow only one child at a time. You can either allow your children to take turns or set a time limit.
  2. Forbid flips and somersaults: Somersaults and flipping are dangerous for children. It can allow them to be at a risk of neck, spinal and head injury. Hence, you must forbid your little ones from doing these tricks.
  3. Purchase all safety equipment: It is crucial to buy a top-notch quality trampoline with the right safety equipment for your child. Your trampoline must have a good shock-absorbing pad, which can cover the springs, hooks and metal frame. Ensure that it is covered with a net enclosure. You must replace the padding immediately if it wears and tears. Furthermore, read the manual carefully before installing it.

What are the benefits of trampolines for children?

There is more to trampoline than just jumping up and down. After all, it has many health benefits. So, read further and learn the benefits.

  1. It builds immunity: Trampolines improves the absorption of nutrients in the body and pushes the toxins out. It promotes lymphatic circulation and stimulates the functioning of your child’s internal organs. In a nutshell, jumping or bouncing on a trampoline can strengthen your immune system and detoxify the body. So, you can purchase it from brands such as Vuly Trampoline.
  2. It improves coordination: Your kid needs to control different muscles and limbs in the body to maintain coordination and balance. Bouncing, concentration and maintaining balance allows the kid to improve coordination.
  3. It makes their bones stronger: Bouncing increases the child’s bone density by strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Since this activity is mostly outdoor, your child will be able to absorb vitamin D to promote healthy bone growth. It can prevent osteoporosis and make your bones stronger.
  4. It enhances motor skills: Using a trampoline means utilising both sides of the body and brain. Hence, this bilateral brain function enhances the kids’ motor skills, resulting in muscle control, kinaesthetic awareness, and better agility. Click here for more informative articles.


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