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Does Violence at Work Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Phoenix, Arizona?

In Phoenix, employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees to help cover wage loss and medical expenses from workplace accidents. When we hear workers’ compensation, the main thing that comes to mind is compensation after being injured at work after an accident. However, have you thought about the injuries from non-accidental incidents like workplace violence? According to OSHA, workplace violence comprises harassment, physical violence, intimidation, and disruptive behavior. It is the role of employers in Phoenix, Arizona to provide a safe working environment for their employees. If you are facing workplace violence, it is vital to work with the best workers’ compensation law firm in Arizona to know if you qualify for compensation. Let us look at workplace violence and what qualifies for compensation.

Defining Workplace Violence

As mentioned earlier, workplace violence guarantees threats, verbal and non-verbal abuse, property damage, homicide, or physical assault. Any act that instills fear or physical injury in a workplace is considered workplace violence. It may include sexual harassment, race and gender-based violence, and physical fights. Workplace violence increases when working in a high-crime area, working alone, transporting valuables and money, working in unusual hours, or working in places like prisons, or mental hospitals.

Why Doesn’t Workplace Violence Warrant Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to cover medical expenses or lost wages after an employee is injured in an accident at the workplace. However, workplace violence is not an accident, and that is why it is not covered by insurance. Most violent acts do not cause physical harm. For instance, a personal disagreement between two workers that results in a physical fight cannot be covered by insurance. If you provoked a fight that resulted in injuries, there is a high chance you are not eligible for compensation.

Situations Guaranteeing Workers’ Comp in Workplace Violence

Even though workplace violence is not covered by workers’ comp, some situations may guarantee compensation. Here are a few examples.

  • If a law enforcement officer is injured when dealing with violence, they are most likely to qualify for workers’ compensation.
  • If a customer gets angry and attacks you when discussing with them something work-related, you may be covered for the injuries you incurred.
  • A customer pushes you into a shelf causing the unit to collapse, causing injuries, you qualify for workers’ compensation. However, the reason for the violence should be work-related and not personal.
  • If another worker attacks you because they believe you are getting favors from the boss, you may also be eligible. However, personal differences with your colleagues will disqualify you from the compensation.
  • If an active shooter invaded the workplace and shot at you for no personal reasons, the employer will compensate you for the injuries.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have incurred injuries as a result of workplace violence, you should get our qualified workers’ compensation lawyer to help you navigate through the incident. Our lawyers have experience and intelligence to help determine if you need compensation. Even if the violence was not your fault, you deserve fair compensation.

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