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The main difference between Gb Instagram and original Instagram is that GB Instagram APK is the modified form of Original Instagram. Same interface with different features available in the modified version of Instagram.  Instagram is a good application for those who want everything private because if you run a public account there will be a chance of copying your data by other persons. That’s why this app provides a big feature of private accounts. This feature is also included in all the modified versions of Instagram. 

In some cases their modified versions are better as they provide more amazing features that are not available within the official Instagram. While on the other hand these modified versions are not much secure as they can be banned anytime or may cause  some problems as well but in rare cases only.

Now we compare both of them on the basis of features their provide:

  • During scrolling we find a video that is awesome and we want it to download, but in official Instagram there is no option for download directly, we have to copy link and paste it to other browsers to get this attractive piece of video, while Gb Instagram has a built in feature of downloading files directly.
  • The biggest drawback of Instagram is that it does not show the media player to its users, and also it does not allow us to play the video in other external player. As compared to Instagram, Gb Instagram makes this feature magical for the users Gb Instagram latest update permit us to see and download the video and any external player.
  • There are features of customization in Gb Instagram that allow users to customize their profile according to their mood and interest such as they can apply colorful themes, it allow users to change the color of head and footer as well. Furthermore, Gb Instagram allows you to hide your views on stories. But all these features are missing in the Official Instagram. 

The main difference between Gb Instagram and original is that GB’s modified form of Original APK. The same interface with different features available in the private version for those who want everything to remain personal or they might be more security conscious about their data being copied by other persons on social media apps like this one where you can create an account which will keep your accounts safe from prying eyes (unless someone hacks into it). This feature also includes all variations altered versions including ones I’ve reviewed here at my website

*For some people these modifications provide better access due tto how much control you have over the accounts and posts you make, however it’s your choice to follow or not. I’m just introducing everyone to these variations with this article.

After going into the Gb Instagram which is a modified version of original Instagram app, I can’t help but notice that there are loads of features, options and buttons the user has access to in this particular variation with most things being active when compared to other variations I’ve reviewed previously on my website when describing their functions during tests when they were private per each account’s request before making them public for all users. Some functions may be available only in some applications depending on if they want to add more features for current users who already have an account on Instagram or just want general public use.

If you like to use the original Instagram app, please stop reading this as it will not be of any help. You can also check out my website for Public Use Versions of Apps if you know which one is best for your needs. Please note that I’m not responsible for any material found here including guides, suggestions or anything else which might cause harm to Android users by following their steps without proper knowledge about how to work with Android devices and apps which are made available on Google Play Store so using them comes at your own risk. It is advised that you read content before requesting it to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes regarding specific functions being requested by users who have no idea how they work.

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