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Dealing with sibling rivalry

Is there anything more difficult than managing sibling rivalries? One day, they’re trading dolls and dividing up the last piece of cake, and the next, they’re fighting tooth and nail for control over the living room. It seems like no matter how hard you try to play mediator; it’s not long before one of your kids is crying or running to a parent for help.

While you may not stop sibling rivalries, you can learn how to deal with them effectively. To begin with, it’s important to understand why some siblings get along so well while others draw a line in the sand and start battling. As noted by a psychology homework help, the answer lies in the psychology of your children.

But with some tips from psychologists and parents who have been there – you can find success in these battles of wills.

Do not compare them

It’s natural to compare your children from time to time, but make sure you don’t compare them to each other. It is called internalization. It can make it even harder for parents to manage sibling rivalries because children who internalize the behaviors of their siblings are likely to perpetuate the same jealousy and competitiveness in future generations.

Encourage mutual respect

Despite your best efforts, some sibling rivalry can’t be avoided — it just comes down to giving your children space to work out their differences independently. Encourage them to view each other as equals rather than adversaries.

Don’t Let the Competition Overwhelm You

If your children are fighting over a toy you rented for a family movie night, that’s one thing. But if they’re fighting over something that matters more to you – like the last piece of pizza or the last chip from the food bowl – that’s a different story. Set ground rules about what’s okay, like “You can have a jar of pickles, but not all at once” or “Make sure to share just a couple of bites. No one gets to have the whole thing.” Or you can try a suggestion from one mom, who writes: “I just say, ‘Let’s talk about that later. We can figure it out when we have more time.’ ” This approach may prevent the escalation of fights.”

Communicate Openly and Constructively

Sibling rivalries often result from poor communication between siblings. Tell your children what things are important to you and how they should behave if they want to be with you. If they’re fighting over a toy, tell your children that if it’s damaged, you’ll have to take it away. If they’re fighting over who missed the last ride on the slide, tell them that there will be no more rides until everyone has a turn. And if the two kids in question are old enough to hold an actual conversation, be sure to listen – and to communicate openly with them as well.


Do you have more than one child? If so, sibling rivalries can be a real challenge. Research shows that when you have more than one child, you are much more likely to internalize the behaviors of your siblings. When you take the time to listen and encourage siblings to share their views — rather than making snap judgments based on how they behave — you can prevent your children from internalizing your ideas about their brother or sister.

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