Wed. Nov 22nd, 2023

When most people assemble a business cleaning checklist, it includes a handful of generally easy-to-complete tasks for your employees. For example, cleaning up in the breakroom. You might also do a weekly declutter of desk spaces or common areas.

Yet, on even the most dutiful chore list, cleaning Window Cleaner Near Me is something that rarely appears. When it does appear, it’s something you put down as a once or twice annually part of the list. It can prove truly grimy work, so few people love it.

In reality, window cleaning is a task best left to professionals. If your place is located at San Jose, hire Anita’s Cleaning Services to do the window cleaning and they also offer other types of domestic cleaning services for your needs. Keep reading for some key reasons why

It’s More Time Efficient

While most business owners or their employees can complete a basic Window Cleaning in Port Saint Lucie cleaning for their home, it’s often the work of an entire shift for someone. That’s especially true for businesses with a big footprint.

It’s an unfamiliar job because people do it so rarely, so they aren’t very good at it. That lack of experience works against your employees.

Commercial cleaning services can come in and do the job much, much faster. That leaves your employees free to do their actual jobs and contribute to your revenue stream.

Avoids Liability Problems

If you have big windows or second-story windows, it can mean sending people up on a ladder. As an employer, the less time your employees spend on a ladder, the better off you are in the long run. There are just too many opportunities for something to go wrong.

After all, most businesses don’t train every employee on ladder safety? A commercial cleaning company trains their employees on safely cleaning windows from ladders or even from lifts. They also assume the bulk of the insurance liability for injuries sustained on the job.

Tools and Supplies

Cleaning a big storefront window is a different animal from cleaning a home window. You need specialized window cleaning tools and the right window cleaning supplies.

Without the right tools and supplies, you risk a window that only looks sort of clean, instead of spotless. That’s never a good look. A window cleaning service has the tools and supplies to leave you with truly clean windows.

Longer Window Life

All that accumulated dirt or road grime can eventually damage the surface of your windows. It can leave your front windows with noticeable scratches or other imperfections. A regular, thorough window cleaning can extend the life of your windows. 

Cleaning Windows and You

As a business owner, it’s tempting for you to see your employees as a cleaning crew. There’s no reason they can’t add window cleaning to their other duties, right? They can, but it’s not ideal.

They likely won’t have the right tools and supplies on hand. That means you get a subpar cleaning job. It can also expose you to liability if they fall off a ladder.

A commercial window cleaning service will do it better, faster, and safer.

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