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A catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats that can be used to keep birds and other animals safe. Catios equipped with cat fencing are great for cats because they allow them to have fun and keep them safe from dangers like predators, poisons, cars, and other animals. It’s a win for all!

Catios come in many forms. The catio can be DIY or purchased from a retailer. Add old tree stumps to your garden and make it more fun by adding perches and climbable trees. Your green thumb can be put to good use by adding cat-friendly plants. There are so many possibilities!

Some people don’t realize how simple it can be to have a positive impact on catios.

Catios can have a wide range of benefits that include enrichment and prevention. Let’s start with prevention and welfare. Kitty can become very vulnerable to danger if it is left outside without the supervision of cat fencing.


Catfighting can lead to disease. These include feline AIDS and IP (feline infectious peritonitis), feline sarcoma, feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and feline distemper. Keep your cat healthy and save money on vet bills.


Cars can pose a serious danger. Add in distracted driving and the fact indoor/outdoor cats live within a few blocks of each other, and you have an unpredictable, dangerous, but easily avoidable, mix.

Predators & Poison

Raccoons, hawks, and our coyote community can all cause injury. Pest control is often aimed at rats and mice. The poisons are designed to make the rodent return to the nest. Our kitties are unlikely to be able or smart enough to consume the poisons found in alleyways. This is where there is still danger for our kitties.

Let’s get down to the good stuff!

Enrichment & Exercise

Fresh air! Nature’s beauty! A catnap in sunshine or a kitty walk! We love being outside and so do our cats. Catios let indoor cats experience all the seasons. Kitty will forever love you. A catio can be a happy compromise for indoor/outdoor cats or ferals who want to enjoy outdoor living in a stress-free environment.

Birds & Wildlife

If you provide a safe outdoor enclosure, you are doing more than just letting the cat enjoy some fresh air. Not only are your cats being spoilt a little bit, but they’re also getting a safer environment and supporting the local wildlife.

What if my skills are not up to the mark?

Many YouTube videos are showing DIY catios. If you don’t have access to a hammer there are still plenty of options. Both pre-built and store-bought portable structures and window units are available at various stores and online.

Catios may be either simple or complicated, or they can be expensive or extravagant.

They all share the goal of keeping your cat safe while still allowing you to have some fun. However, they come in many shapes and sizes. Check out these design options and see the list below for links to more resources. Although we don’t endorse any particular brand or style, our goal is to help you keep your cats safe.

Cat-only catios built with cat fencing can be quite affordable to build and can fit in a small space. By enclosing the patio with wire or screen, you can make a shared catio for cats and humans. This can be a great option for providing a safe, shaded environment that is free from pests.

It is possible to use pre-made or DIY fencing or have it built by a contractor or hired handyman. Catio access can take place through a wall, door, or window. A tunnel can then be created to connect with another location. You can also transport your cat to a free-standing structure.

The only things that can limit cool features are space, weather, safety, and creativity. Think about cat trees, boulders, and ramps for climbing; driftwood for scratching; posts for scratching; cat-safe plants for shade and catnip enjoyment; fountains and perches that can be used for relaxation. You can also provide lounge chairs for humans and felines to enjoy a relaxing time together!

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