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Automation is taking over every aspect of our daily lives. Automation brings in the promise of perfection and eradication of exhaustion related errors. Machine learning tools are time-consuming to develop and need a lot of data for training and achieving perfection. Due to the requirement of this detailed attention, dedicated roles of machine learning engineers are being created. Not just in the private and commercial sectors, machine learning is achieving miracles in the public sector as well. Computer engineers, the backbone of the Indian IT industry are the most ideal candidates to take up a machine learning certification. The experience of working in one of the most vibrant industries can help an engineer to excel with machine learning. The India It industry is in decline due to the financial ordeals, the client states suffer. And thankfully at the same time, multiple sectors are becoming increasingly dependent on data for a safe passage through the near uncertain future. 


Scopes in the public sector 



We live in the era of personalized medicine. To develop personalized therapies, a lot of data is needed. A flaw in therapy can end a human life abruptly thus there is no room for errors. Apart from developing therapies, machine learning is helping in the inception of remote diagnostics. Wearable health devices are being deployed for providing close supervision to at-risk patients, these devices can measure vitals like blood pressure and body temperature. In case of any anomalies these devices transmit the report to the concerned organization for further diagnosis. The entire process is conducted by highly trained machine learning tools. 


Traffic and logistics

Pinpointing rouge vehicles and assigning fines to them is a tedious task if undertaken with exclusively human assistance. Automation and machine learning tools are a great addition to this field. With the help of computer vision, rogue or speeding vehicles can be spotted from far away and cases can be assigned without much harassment of both the police and the owner. 


Scopes in the commercial sector


Fleet management

Managing huge delivery fleets has always been a labour-intensive task. But with the help of properly trained machine learning tools, it is easy to manage fleets scattered throughout a region or city. Automation included in the process not only increases the value of human labour but also the fleet’s operational efficiency. Fleet management is also a part of city policing and fire protection services. With the hello of automated controls of entire fleets, real-life changes can be made by pressing a few buttons. This automation prevents miscommunication and it is an easy game to figure out inconveniences and accidents. Thus it is easy to recover lost assets and serve the consumers better. 



Marketing operations used to be a gamble, especially for the pioneering companies of a market. But today it is possible to reach the most relevant people. With the help of readily available purchase and financial data, companies can track the buying habits of their potential customers. In addition to that, machine learning tools, with the right kind of training can recommend products associated with previous purchases. These marketing strategies are impossible without the promise of perfection associated with automation. 



Suggestions and chatbots are a major part of customer relations these days. It saves valuable resources and increases the value of human labour. And thanks to the flawless nature of operations, customer service has become a breeze of an experience for both parties. Many mundane complaints and their overly simple solutions can be handled without human help and just by deploying machine learning tools. 


Suggestion bots

Suggestion bots are known to be an excellent marketing tool appealing to the buyer directly in an up-close and personal manner. Thanks to the already available data, businesses can target specific people who might need their products or services. This specific marketing effort ensures a steady sale and produces very few chances of mishaps. 

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Machine learning being an important force to be reckoned with is gaining popularity among data and computer enthusiasts. The blessings of automation are nothing but more profitable in all the accounts. The shattered state of the Indian It industry is forcing unwanted career detours on engineers. And machine learning is a flourishing field that is granting refuge to many. Thus for the experienced and the freshmen, it is recommended to gain the right kind of training and experience. So that a bright career in machine learning can be achieved.

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