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Blue World City

The blue world city has launched an Executive block to facilitate potential investors and future residents. Furthermore, a range of plots is available here, making this sector an appropriate investment. The other vibrant aspect is the Blue World City location is at the CPEC route. Apart from that, the payment plans are highly reasonable, where every individual can invest. And, to assist the investors, there is a facility of four years’ instalment plan, which would ease the investment from all types of economic groups. 

Blue World City

A blue world city is Pakistan’s upcoming elite and futuristic housing venture. Moreover, this housing venture aims to offer relaxation and luxury in just one gated society. More than that, the master plan of Blue World City Rawalpindi is completely state of the art in nature as it includes all kinds of amenities from luxury to comfort. The owners of this housing project are Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Shah Jian Municipal Engineering, a prominent Chinese Engineering Company

Location and Map

The Blue World City is locatable near the main Chakri road, right around Chakri Interchange, with direct access to M2 Islamabad- Lahore Motorway. It is one of those housing ventures that are situated just near to New Islamabad International Airport at the CPEC route.

Blue World City Noc Status

The Blue World City NOC now has an authorized status, and they have got their No Object Certificate from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The Blue World City has been granted a Noc status under the district council Rawalpindi, vide letter no 532/10/DC on 07-08-2018. The No Objection Certificate plays a significant role in achieving the trust and confidence of real estate investors. Blue world city Rawalpindi has now joined the race of upcoming real estate ventures trying to attain investors and the trust of future residents.

Blue World City Executive Block

The executive block of the Blue World City Rawalpindi would be facilitating the investors and future inhabitants. Furthermore, there are a variety of plots available for booking with an inexpensive payment plan. The other best feature of this housing project is its location, and the site would facilitate the residents with world-class facilities. Such facilities would increase the value of this real estate project. 

Payment Plans

When it comes to the payment plan of this block, the appropriate facility, blue world city, is offering a four-year instalment plan. The provisions of the plots are as follows:

5 Marla Plots

There is an obtainability of 5 marlas plots in the executive sector. Furthermore, these plots are here to assist the residents in making a home of their dream choice. Other than that, they can be the best choice for rental properties. Therefore, investing in this real estate venture would be helpful. Moreover, the payment plan for these plots sizes is reasonable so that investors don’t face any hurdles. The prices of these plots start from PKR 875,000. Finally, investing here would be an asset for the investors, as they can live here or rent out their property.

10 Marla Plots

10 Marks Plots are also available for investors and future inhabitants. Above all, their location and size make them the best choice for creating a dream home. With the provision of a reasonable instalment program, anyone can purchase a plot here. Finally, the price of ten Marla plots is PKR 1,675,000, respectively.

20 Marla Plots

The last option for investment available in this block is the twenty Marla plots. Furthermore, these plots are more luxurious with state of the art of services. The other pivotal point is the area of the properties, which also increases the value of the investment. Moreover, the payment plan is also super reasonable as it also involves a facility of 4 years’ instalment plan. The blue world city is doing a lot for facilitating its potential investors because customer satisfaction is their ultimate priority. Finally, the rates of the twenty Marla plots are PKR 3,150,000, respectively.


The main purpose of the Blur World City is to assist the inhabitants and stockholders from all types of economic groups. They have come up with a solution for all those who want to purchase a dream home for their luxury. Furthermore, with the facility of a four-year instalment plan, the sense of comfort is dominant among the potential investors. Apart from that, it is easy for investors to purchase a property in executive blocks full of comforts and services. So, investment in this block could be a cherished asset for the investors. The master plan of the executive block allows a range of plots sizes to assist their investors. For further details about investment opportunities in this block, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of real estate advisors and marketing specialists who discuss the rates and payment and other investment opportunities. 

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