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Tracking mobile phones means tracking a mobile phone’s whereabouts. In general, numerous technologies and modules are available to make up a mobile phone, and there are a lot of different means of targeting a device and tracking and monitoring its position. Since however, the manual approach is not as easy. The article right here explains how to find the right development team, if you decided to start your own project. You may make it easier to utilize a range of phone tracker app that is accessible as applications and software, active monitoring.

The applications in this list can enable you to track the location of a phone or its owner. When you whistle, you create a noise (so you can find it among your other belongings). More advanced features also allow you to know where each family member is at any given moment.

In this article, we will tell you about the best phone tracker app. But before that, let us see what is a phone tracker app, and then how does a phone tracker application works?

What Is A Phone Tracker App?

Phone tracker applications are mostly software that tracks your GPS position, calls, texts, and more on your smartphone. Often, parents use these applications to monitor their children’s activities and keep track of their location. However, this is only one use case of an app that may be used to find your missing device or to monitor your family and friends – the scope of usage extends beyond those uses. The application can be used to find the missing device.

For instance, telephone monitoring software allows parents to follow the movements of their children and helps those with separation fear. You may monitor the mobile device of your child via GPS and WiFi and always know where he or she is. These applications also help individuals who care that their loved ones are alone at night. GPS monitoring applications are also good for finding mobile phones when they are lost or stolen.

Working Of A Phone Tracker App

In general, cellular phone tracking services (apps and software) generally use GPS to locate the target device. To do this, they employ the different states across the world where they can make contact with a handful of these satellites using the GPS receptor on mobile phones.

Once the connection has been established, these applications may then determine the distance to each satellite by utilizing a method known as trilateration to derive (approximately) the phone position. While these phone tracking services are helpful for your smartphone loss or if you want to keep an eye on your child or a family member, they also have some privacy problems.

And by utilizing them in individuals without their permission you are guilty of a significant felony, dependent on where part of the world you are located.

Choose The Best Phone Tracker App

This list includes the best phone tracker app. So, go through the entire list and choose one that suits you the best:

1. Glympse: Overall Best Phone Tracker App

Glympse is a free and easy real-time tracking application that enables you to locate your friends, family, and colleagues directly on your smartphone in real-time. This tracker application leverages the work of GPS and data and is accessible for Android and iOS smartphones.

You may use the app to safely provide your contacts a glimpse into your whereabouts. You may then view your live position on any web-enabled device with a dynamic map without joining up. You may also ask anyone on the app to track their position besides revealing your location (glympse).

In particular, this capability might be useful if you need to keep a watch on your youngster or wish to monitor family members’ movements. It is the best phone tracker app without permission.

phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission:

  • No sign up required
  • Free of cost
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Private group for family

2. Family Locator By Life360: The Best Phone Tracker App Free For Family

Family Locator of Life360 is another famous telephone tracker software to aid your family and the ones who care most about you. The app is free, however, advertising is accessible. However, you may get rid of ads by making an uninterrupted one-time purchase in-app. This update will also unlock a variety of additional capabilities like limitless location alarms, round-the-clock help, SOS installation, and more.

Family locator on Android and iPhones is available. You may use this monitoring software to keep connected and synchronized to and coordinated with family members when attending events or visiting places. This is the best free phone tracker app.

Family Locator also gives the possibility to form private groups, known as circles, and to integrate members of your family, colleagues, and other connections. This allows you to observe your circle members’ real-time position and get real-time alerts when they arrive or depart their destination.

phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Best Phone Tracker App For Android:

  • SOS alerts
  • Stolen phone coverage
  • 30 days location access
  • Unlimited place alert

3. Family Locator By Familonet: Best Cell Phone Tracker App Free

Family (GPS) Locator is another term that originates from Families. This best GPS phone tracker app is available for Android and iOS and promises to meet all tracking requirements of your site. You may download it for free, and then upgrade to get more features if necessary. Family Locator may be used to keep your family linked and to have access to your map on a real-time basis.

This GPS tracking software also automatically pushes when family members arrive or depart their (predefined) places regularly. Moreover, Family Locator includes a private chat capability for times when you need to connect to them, which allows you to simply talk.

You may also establish several groups and split members by plan to track the real-time whereabouts of the various members of your family. In this approach, many individuals may be monitored at once and yet converse effortlessly.

phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Best Phone Tracker App Android:

  • Automatic notifications
  • SOS feature
  • Real-time location
  • Multiple groups

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4. Find My: Best Phone Tracker App For iPhone

The brand new Find My app on Apple devices, formerly known as Find my iPhone, lets you find misplaced devices (iPhones, iPods, AirPods, etc.). You may use the app to find them if you misplace any of these gadgets. Find My is free and only iPhones are available.

All you need to do is utilize your Apple (iCloud) account with this mobile tracker software. You may then quickly find your lost device, lock it remotely, play a sound to find it (if you believe it was lost in the vicinity), and show a message after signing. In addition, all your data may be remotely deleted on the device if necessary.

One of the main advantages of Find My is the history of mobile phone location, which tracks automatically the places in which your device was lost — in the lost state — so that you can identify these places and quickly find the phone. This is the best cell phone tracker app Android.

phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Best Free Cell Phone Tracker App:

  • Find phones remotely
  • Erase data remotely
  • Driving direction to the device
  • Lock devices remotely

5. Where’s My Droid: Best Cell Phone Tracker App For Android

This app is similar to Apple, discover My App for iPhones to help you track and recover your lost iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iDevices, where is My Droid. This is the best phone tracker app for parents.

This mobile software is very easy to use and gives you a full overview of the locations’ coordinations so that you can easily find and retrieve your mobile phone from there. You can utilize Where’s My Droid to remotely switch on your phone, and ring your phone if you can’t find your phone. Therefore, increase your chances to locate it.

best phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Free Cell Phone Tracker:

  • Locate phone by ringing
  • Wipe data remotely
  • Geofencing
  • Motion alarm

6. mSpy: Phone Tracking App For Android & iOS

The phone monitoring program mSpy is one of the most popular out of it. It is a parental control software and not a spy app because it provides capabilities that parents may monitor the telephone activities of their children without knowing it. For Android and iOS on the mobile side, and macOS and Windows on the PC side, this mobile tracking app is accessible.

Talking about features you may use the program to access browser data, contacts, messaging, social applications, among other things (Facebook, Line, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp).In addition to accessing your phone data, mSpy can also be employed for remote control and action, such as calls, SMS, and banning all kinds of websites and programs on your kid’s device.

In addition, you may also see the email, applications, and keyboard input logs using the application. However, it is vital to bear in mind how and on Whomever you use this program, although the software is a kid tracking software and gives (tracking and surveillance) functionality that parents keep track of their child’s activities.

best phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission:

  • Real-time GPS tracker
  • Panic button
  • Geofencing
  • Location history

7. Phone Tracker By Number: The Best Phone Tracker App

Phone tracker by numbers is a precise and sturdy GPS tracker that enables you and even your children to find your mobile phones. It is designed to let you locate the whereabouts of your children in a fast, accurate, and simple way using the cellphone number. This software works when you have kids who are outdoors with friends, neighbors, or even at school to monitor.

Phone Tracker By Number also allows GPS tracking in a safe and confidential network between parents and children. Parents may quickly see all the places that they have visited by just checking the app’s history. You may enter your children’s unlimited mobile numbers on your network and start using the app.

The app can only be found on Android. We discovered nevertheless a comparable iOS app with the same functionalities. If you are asking what is the best phone tracker app.

best phone tracker app

Key Features Of This Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission:

  • Accurate location
  • Great functionality
  • Best for parents
  • App history

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8. MobileTracker: Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

One of the most popular free mobile phone monitoring applications. Mobile Tracker. You can monitor your telephone and control data using the basic free plan. Calls may also be recorded and screenshots can be taken remotely. MobileTracker is a trustworthy application for telephone tracking. However, with the free and basic plans, the data management characteristics are limited.

There are three packages of mobile trackers available. You may monitor the free plan with restricted information and voice monitoring on one device. The Basic Plan provides the same functionality as the Free Plan, as there is no publicity and no weekly registration is necessary. Unlimited data, vocal, and screenshot options are included in the premium plan.

best phone tracker app without permission

Key Features Of This Best Phone Tracker App Free:

  • Data explorer
  • Data recovery
  • File explorer
  • Highly compatible

9. Spyera: Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Finally, Spyera can help you to track nearly every device in one location. It enables you to track your various phones and even Windows or Mac computers on your dashboard. Spyera is not detectable, therefore you may use the program without knowing it. Spyera may provide you with access to your call history, posts, contacts, app activity, etc.

It also has a built-in keylogger to capture any keystrokes typed on the device. Spyera is also used to track your position in real-time or to preserve the history of your whereabouts. Spyera is also available for recording and installing quick keyword alerts.

best phone tracker app without permission

Key Features Of This Best Phone Tracker App:

  • Scalable
  • In-built keylogger
  • Position track
  • Past location history

10. Find My Kids: Best Phone Tracker App For Parents

Find My Kids was designed in 2016 to be the first mobile number tracking and parental control app. It is a family GPS tracker built particularly for kid protection and parental supervision. The software tracks the locations and history of previously visited sites and monitors mobile activity for your children.

Find My Kids is created with the protection and security of your children in mind. Its unique capabilities ensure that you can remain in touch safely with your children while they’re not on your smartphone or not. Due to its sophisticated functionality, the software may also be used as a mobile number tracker app. It offers the possibility to monitor the activities of your children and capture the noises around them.

best phone tracker app free

Key Features Of This Phone Tracker App:

  • Simple UI
  • Parental supervision
  • Location history
  • Captures the noises

Keep An Eye On Your Loved Ones With Best Phone Tracker App

A comprehensive and precise GPS tracker app can help you find phones, families, and friends. Phone Tracker app If one of your family members is close, you will receive GPS notifications. This application utilizes cell tracking as well as GPS tracking to improve battery utilization and position accuracy.

We hope this article on the best tracker app helped to broaden your knowledge!

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