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Garages are special for a home. They not only serve as an extension of home but help us store excess things. A garage can either be a beauty spot of your home or a blot instead. It all depends on how you design it. So, what can you do to design a garage that elevates your home a level higher? We spoke to Radvi, Best Architect in Coimbatore, and here are the secrets that it revealed to us — See more about what Radvi is and how it works! It told that Garage is something that often gets ignored because of its reputation. And thus people pay no care towards it while building it. So, what can you do instead?

They say that houses can be built by anyone, but homes are shaped with patience, time, and love and Fire Shutters.

Best architect tips on how to design a home garage!

One more thing that the garages are so famous is because Steve Job once sat in a garage and created the future. So, who knows you can create a garage and then create the future! And with the porch enclosure system, there is so much that you can do.

Garages have recently gotten the attention due to the increased number of vehicles in a home. Furthermore, they not only accommodate vehicles but excess things too. Another good thing that has happened for garages is the rise in technology. Earlier there was not enough technology to turn a garage into something of a grace. But now we have improved security, classic door types, automated opening, and much more. Radvi, best architect in Coimbatore, says that garages have recently become the highlight of a home. Here is what you must take care of while designing a garage in the house!

1 – Plan the location!

There are two options you can have with regards to the location of your garage.

  • attached garage
  • detached garage

Attached garages have always been around for decades. They offer ease and comfort to the owner. But lately, detached garages have started to lure people. There is a visible lean towards detached garages. The one major benefit that a detached garage allows freedom to have any design. It does not intervene in the design of a house. A good architect takes care of every aspect when it comes to a house with a garage. See more about how architects work from beginning to end.

Furthermore, a detached garage does not intervene in the daily ongoings. It leads to a calm and noise-free environment. Alongside, it also lets the air stay fresh with no hints of smoke and pollution.

It is a personal preference. Both attached and detached garages have their curses and blessings. One needs to think about the right fit and accept the complete package.

2 – Think about the entry!

The entry will differ in both attached and detached garages. If you are planning to go for an attached garage, think about giving it a separate space. Avoid using the entrance space for any other purposes. The general design going around these days is a big nice garage alongside the house facing the street. If you have enough space, go for it. You may also want to consult your architect for other possible designs.

Another design option that people are preferring these days is to live over the garage. If your garage is attached, you can extend the portion of your home over to it. This is a great option for homes that suffer from space shortage. It also looks cute.

If you believe in Vastu, make sure your garage entrance faces the appropriate direction. Hire a Vastu expert to help you out with this. Ask your architect company if it can help you out. Says Radvi, best architect in Coimbatore and around usually takes Vastu into account when it comes to houses.

3 – Take care of the interiors!

You would not want to take things in an orthodox manner. Be creative when it comes to the garage. With work from home being on a rise around, we know the importance of a silent place. What more calm place can there be than a garage?

You can design the interior of the garage and turn it into an alternative meeting place. You can host a party inside it or have a meeting sometimes (just like Steve). Use neutral colours inside the garage to give it a professional look. But these are gone days, no? If you work in a corporate environment that promotes freedom of expression, go for a creative garage interior.

4 – Consider your garage as a part of home!

You rarely will think about places that you do not consider a part of the family. Garage often gets made roughly because people do not consider it a part of home. They think of it to be a place where vehicles and scrap go in. These are the gone days.

Now, garages are cared for in a way like any other part of the home. It instead elevates the outlook of a house. Treat the garage like a room and design it accordingly. Put some nice paint on it. Install quality doors with automated security. These are the door types that you might want to consider for your garage –

  • Roller Shutters Liverpool Garage Doors
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Side-hinged doors (not automated usually)
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Tilt-Up or Side-Slide Garage Doors

Contact your architect or designer about the possibility of door type and see more about what you can have.

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5 – Design the porch or entrance!

You would not want to have an entrance that looks barren. Do not ignore it either. You would not want to bring in your girl or woman or boy or husband and not see their faces awed. Let some nature do the magic. Include floral plants and bushes to accompany your porch and entrance. This will help you beautify your overall home.

Furthermore, use quality pavement for the entrance. There are many types available in the market. Consider your budget and talk to your architect about it.

6 – Take care of automation and security!

Luxury these days is all about automation. If you do not have automation around you, you have not tasted the modern luxury. Gone are the days when gold and glitters used to lure people. Data is the modern currency. When it comes to garages, automation can put stars and galaxies over your house.

There are many things that you’d want to automate. Here are a few examples of how you can automate your garage –

  • Use a pristine automated wireless security system. There are many around in the market. Contact some expert real estate agency to help you out in this. Radvi, best architect in Coimbatore, is an expert in automation that serves across India.
  • The garage doors must be automated too. Make sure that there is enough space for doors to work freely.
  • Use an anti-theft lock system. This will help you ensure the proper safety of your vehicle.

The thing is to not ignore the garage. Once you start working to make it look better, it sure will look better. If you are planning it from the scratch, get in contact with an expert architect. See more about how architects can help you save money in the long term.

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