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The database of an auto Shop management software contains information about customers, vehicles, labor rates, and services. For example, a customer may own several cars, and each vehicle may have multiple orders placed on it. Each order may include one or more services, each with a specific rate. The database has eight tables that record various types of information. These tables contain information about each customer, vehicle, and service. Having these records in one central location is essential for effective customer management.


If you own a single location or multi-shop auto repair operation, you’re probably looking for an auto shop management system that will keep your business running smoothly. Shop-Ware auto repair software is the best choice for single location or multi-shop operators, and it can meet all your business needs with advanced features such as cloud-based repair orders, native vehicle inspections, and canned jobs. You can also use Shop-Ware to manage inventory, canned jobs, and live chat for customer approval. Payment processing is also a major plus in this system.

A single platform for all your business needs, Shop-Ware helps you manage sales, inventory, work orders, and customer payments. You can even customize your dashboard to include subscription features. Carbon Five has worked with Shop-Ware to expand the system’s integration with Stripe, and recently helped them add more pricing plans. Additionally, Shop-Ware has just released a native parts catalog, replacing traditional DVIs. Plus, it also offers Zapier integration.


The MaxxTraxx auto shop management software helps small auto repair shops track information about customers and parts. It also keeps track of labor hours and payments. This program automatically updates the U.S. Fed/State tax tables and provides printing of W2 forms for employees. In addition to keeping track of customer information, MaxxTraxx allows you to track money from one account to another. You can also choose to use QuickBooks for your accounting needs or use a third-party auto shop management system like MaxxTraxx.

If you are interested in an affordable and feature-rich auto shop management solution, MaxxTraxx is the best option. Its powerful features will help you make sound business decisions and manage all of your business processes efficiently. The MaxxTraxx software is available both as an on-premise and web-based program. The software offers three primary departments: service writing, parts ordering, and inventory management. It also supports QuickBooks integration.


In the world of automotive repair, Shop Boss is one of the most popular and reliable automotive management software solutions. It is web-based, which means you can access it anywhere and anytime, from your laptop, iPad, smart phone, or other device with Wi-Fi. In fact, it is so convenient to use that it has even become the standard among automotive repair shops. It can be used to track all aspects of a repair shop, including customer service, sales, and more.

Shop Boss is available in three basic packages. The Silver plan costs $109 per month and is ideal for the small auto shop. It includes unlimited invoices, QuickBooks integration, text messages for customers, and e-signature for paperless workflow. The Gold plan offers a variety of features, including integrated parts ordering, digital vehicle inspection, and more. A 30-day free trial is available to give it a try.

Mitchell 1 Manager SE

The Mitchell 1 Manager SE auto shop management software is a comprehensive system for managing all aspects of a repair shop. This software can be used to manage all aspects of an auto shop, from estimates to vehicle maintenance schedules, as well as track jobs and employee hours. It also includes features to streamline communication and the handling of automotive fleets. In addition to these features, Mitchell 1 Manager SE is fully compatible with the Mitchell 1 repair information system (RIS) and the estimating package (TeamWorks).

With Mitchell 1 Manager SE, technicians can clock in and out, as well as track actual time spent on jobs. They can pause the clock while working on a job, take breaks, or simply mark work as complete. The system also allows technicians to view their clock and time management website from any device with a modern web browser. This allows them to keep track of their time and manage their productivity. It will also automatically populate the “Actual Hours” field on repair orders.


Auto repair shops are experiencing the busiest summer on record, with more drivers eager to hit the road and pandemic restrictions being lifted. The automotive industry is forecast to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2027, and it is critical to prioritize scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. Fortunately, there are solutions for this. Shop-Monkey is a cloud-based auto shop management system that enables you to track customer history and service requests in real time.

One of the leading auto shop management systems, Shop-Monkey has recently raised $75 million in Series C funding. Its investors include Index Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Headline Capital, I2BF Growth, and more. The financing will enable Shop-Monkey to continue building its platform and growing its product team. It will also help the company respond to an expected growth in the automotive industry. The auto repair industry is expected to grow by 7% by 2020, which could mean a major boost for Shop-Monkey.

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