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The term Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in the recent past. If you are new to the arena and are willing to understand what these newly emerging terms are, this article will help you immensely in gaining an in-depth knowledge of what Bitcoins are and how to go about investing them. Visit at:

What are Bitcoins? Everything You Need To Know About 

Bitcoin is a decentralized form of digital, tradeable currency that runs on a highly-functional peer-to-peer technology. First introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is now known as the most preferred form of cryptocurrency by millions of global investors.

Unlike the traditional currency that we are used to using, digital currency is not physically present. Digital currency, as the name suggests, exists digitally. Albeit, in recent times, people have shown a growing interest in digital currency, it has still not been able to replace the traditional currency. 

However, governments of several nations are slowly coming to terms with it and have started planning policies regarding its use. Alternatively, EL Salvador is known to accept Bitcoins as legal tender as the first ever nation.

In spite of the growing interests of people, Bitcoin has also faced some criticisms time and again.

Reasons why Bitcoin has faced criticism in the past include:

  • Bitcoin has been criticized for its use in illegal transactions- as is understood, the digital currency might be exciting, but it is fairly easy to use it for illegal transactions, illegal activities, and so on. 
  • Due to its heavy use of electricity, the Bitcoin mining process is known to consume much energy and thus carbon footprint. Our carbon footprint negatively impacts the environment we live in. It is one of the primary causes of human-induced climate change, contributes significantly to acid rain, and so on.
  • Thefts from exchanges are yet another topic of concern, and some economists have gone to the extent of calling it a speculative bubble.

But does this hold you from investing in Bitcoin? The answer should be a big “NO” for the serious, enthusiastic Bitcoin investors. If you notice, the criticisms that revolve around Bitcoin are true for the traditional legal tender nations use as well. While excessive carbon footprint must not be appreciated, most other human activities have a negative impact on the environment as well. So, it is important that we act responsibly and ensure we do not make use of Bitcoin in illegal transactions. 

As far as excessive use of electricity is concerned, we are sure that with the growing advancement of technology, this problem will be tackled too.

The question that now arises is why should you invest in Bitcoin? What are its benefits?

Benefits of Bitcoin Investment- Points To Note

  • Bitcoin transactions do not include bank charges. Anyone who has had to pay a certain amount every time they made a bank transaction would be able to tell how great it sounds not having to pay bank charges.
  • Bitcoin includes relatively low transaction fees when it comes to international payments.
  • Bitcoin transactions are really mobile and can be accessed securely through any place if you happen to have the internet, of course.
  • Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous. This means that the transactions are not fully anonymous. They can be traced only by using a blockchain address.
  • You read the word peer-to-peer above. Bitcoin transactions run on highly-functional peer-to-peer technology, making it easy for users to send and receive payments with ease.

Overview of Bitcoin Wallets- Here’s Everything To Know About

A Bitcoin wallet is known to be a digital form of wallet with which users send and receive Bitcoins. The virtual counterpart of a physical wallet, a digital wallet, stores when a bitcoin is received on behalf of its user. 

Bitcoin wallets contain private keys which every wallet user needs to use when dealing with Bitcoin transactions. Anyone who has private keys can handle the transactions regarding that particular wallet. It is like the password of your online bank accounts. Anyone who has the password can access your transactions, and therefore they must be kept safe. The same is the case here.

Final Words

Finally, if seem to be interested in Bitcoin trading, a reliable crypto trading platform for you would be Bitcoin Era. It is a trading system, and it allows people to trade bitcoins manually as well as automatically. 

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