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Extracted from the Australian-native Melaleuca Alternifolia plant, Tea Tree Oil can be used to address a host of skincare issues. The Australian Aboriginal Indigenous population was already using its antimicrobial property to treat skincare and haircare issues. The Tea Tree Oil for Hair has had a long and storied past, which has led to many extensive studies of its natural antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and inflammatory properties. 

You can always find bottles of tea tree oil in most medical and food stores, but many of these inexpensive products are extracted from traditionally cultivated tea tree plantations. Also, some store-bought tea tree oils may even be sourced from genetically modified species of tea tree and are often mixed with other oils and compounds. This is why they may not yield the same healing and medicinal benefits as would a pure one.

Hence, we recommend that you opt for the most potent, purest, and highest-quality extract when you are buying tea tree oil. One good option is to go with Mamaearth Tea Tree Oil for Hair because it is made with the Goodness of Nature and does not contain any toxins like SLS or mineral oils.

How is the tea tree oil extracted?

The best quality tea tree oils are extracted via a steam distillation process. Tea Tree leaves are harvested, chopped, and placed in a sealed stainless-steel case. 

It is then mixed with the steam, passed through a condenser, and then distilled into a special chamber that separates the medicinal oil from water. It is the best yet the most time-consuming process to extract tea tree oil. 

How is tea tree oil good for your hair?

The tea tree oil is beneficial for your scalp and hair in several ways due to its medicinal and antifungal properties. It is an active agent in several hair care and body care products, but it can also benefit all skin and hair types if used as a home remedy. 

Tea Tree Oil for Hair could treat and heal skin, hair, and scalp issues. It contains enhanced medicinal and antimicrobial properties and is a powerful antiseptic against boils, burns, and cuts. It is also used to treat bacterial and fungal infections, dandruff, blisters, cold sores, acne breakouts, and other skin conditions. 

How tea tree oil benefits the scalp and hair?

Good hair health is a direct result of a healthy scalp. Your scalp has numerous hair follicles, the microscopic openings that foster hair growth and development. When pollutants, impurities, dead skin cells, and excess sebum clog these hair follicles, it results in issues like dandruff, thinning of hair, and hair breakage. Therefore, using the best hair oil for hair fall and dandruff is recommended. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using tea tree oil. 

  • Combats hair loss and dandruff

Tea Tree Oil is known to reduce dandruff by as much as 40% due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Uncontrolled dandruff may block the hair follicles, reducing hair growth. Therefore, it helps to prevent scalp infections and dandruff formation.

  • Protects and repairs sun-damaged hair

Harsh sunlight can dry out our hair’s natural moisture. Sun damage adversely affects hair’s natural growth and development process by causing dryness and accumulating dead skin cells on the scalp. Mamaearth Tea Tree Oil for Hair helps moisturize the scalp by providing essential supplements and nutrients that support the hair growth process. 

  • Treats clogged hair follicles

Regular massage with Tea Tree Oil for hair helps open blocked hair follicles. Backed by antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it helps in reducing the build-up of hair care products, sebum, and dead skin cells. Unclogging ensures that nutrients reach the hair roots and protects them from various infections.

  • Treats scalp infections

The Tea Tree Oil for Hair contains insecticidal effects and can treat head parasitic organisms that feed on the head and impact overall health by sucking the blood. Also, it helps to reduce itchiness, redness, and inflammation. 

  • Aids in healthy hair growth

As Tea Tree Oil provides essential nutrients and oxygen supply to hair follicles and roots, it aids in promoting the growth of healthy hair. Its regular application will deeply nourish the roots and follicles, leaving thick, luscious, and strong hair. 

  • Assists in keeping scalp odor at bay

When merged with bacteria on your scalp, secretions from your sweat glands cause scalp odor. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil can help keep scalp odor away. 

  • Provides Antioxidant Support

Antioxidants present in tea tree oil protect your scalp and hair against damage from stressors such as environmental pollution, bacterial growth, and oxidative stress, thereby promoting hair health.

How to use tea tree oil for hair and scalp?

Using Tea Tree Oil is beneficial and therapeutic for your scalp and hair. Backed by medicinal properties, Mamaearth Tea Tree Oil helps take good care of your hair care routine. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your hair care routine. 

  1. Hot Oil Treatment: For hot oil treatment, you may mix the tea tree oil with a suitable carrier oil according to your hair type. When applying the oil onto the scalp, do not forget to give your scalp a good massage with your fingers, as it will help the oil penetrate deep into the roots.

  2. Scalp Cleanser: Mixing tea tree oil and baking soda will help you to eliminate harmful bacteria and fungal infections from your scalp. Baking soda will also help maintain the pH balance of your scalp and unclog the blocked pores.

  3. Vitamin Booster: Mixing Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil helps make your hair strong, thick, and healthy. The mixture, if applied overnight, helps to produce natural sebum that prevents it from flaking, itching, and drying. 


Wrapping It Up

Applying the best hair oil for hair fall and dandruff is a natural and effective way to treat and manage a wide range of scalp and hair issues, ensuring healthy, strong, and lustrous hair. Always choose hair care products that contain natural ingredients. You may do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to a particular ingredient. For example, if you want to buy the best option available online, we recommend Mamaearth Tea Tree Oil for hair as it does not contain any toxins and is safe from harmful chemicals.

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