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Curious about exactly what the AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries are? Or possibly you’ll need more details about the subject? Well, If I say to you in a nutshell, then these mysteries are simply side quests. A person will get a trophy or achievement, however they must finish the job inside the time period limit. Keep on studying to discover how to locate the different mysteries contained in Vinland and the way to complete them.


Do you know the AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries?

After finishing the Lunden storyline, you’ll be able to go to all of the Vinland. Here, you will find various mysteries which basically really are a subtype of side quests. Upon finishing these mysteries, you’re going to get trophies and achievements which will probably be highly advantageous for you personally.


How to locate AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries?

You will have to synchronise viewpoints to obtain the mysteries into the spotlight, which is marked by blue icons.

Pointed out here are the different Vinland mysteries with their details:


AC Valhalla Vinland Mystery #1- World Event (Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts)

o          Go to Nyhofn and speak with the person present there.

o          He will request you to hire a company for him. This individual can also be associated with mystery #5, therefore we recommend finishing that first.

o          After finding this individual, go back to the village and speak to the person.

o          Once the thing is the person leave, follow him.

o          While following him, an outrageous animal will attack you. Be ready for this random attack and get rid of the animal as this makes the person happy.

o          Go to Nyhofn to mark the finish of mystery #1.


AC Valhalla Vinland Mystery #2: World Event (A Defunct Man’s Tale)

o          Find the corpse from the hunter.

o          Bring it to the lady in Nyhofn.


AC Valhalla Vinland Mystery #3: Standing Gemstones

o          Go to Tionontate: ken.

o          Your task is to slowly move the platforms around so they make up the same shape because the one around the sheet of paper that you simply found.


AC Valhalla Vinland Mystery #4: Legendary Animal (O Yan Do’ Ne)

o          This mystery is situated in the location that’s east of Kahrhaken: rat.

o          In this mystery, you need to search popular moose known as O Yan Do’ Ne.

o          You will find it in the centre landmass’ northern area.

o          Keep in your mind that Vinland removes all of your equipment whenever you come in. Thus, make certain to access least one weapon and a few armour by buying and selling before trying to defeat this wild animal.

o          Its attack technique is to charge and kick. Your very best plan of action is always to dodge these attacks while looking to get in as numerous hits as possible.


Assassin’s Creed Vinland Mystery #5: World Event (Flight of Fancy)

o          Talk towards the Norse Lady who’ll request you to restore her poultry who travelled lower in to the ditch.

o          You need to jump lower in to the pile of hay.

o          The poultry will begin chasing you. Go to the lady and it’ll simply follow you.

o          Talk towards the lady again to finish this mystery.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Vinland Mystery #6: Cairn

o          It is needed should you interacted using the Cairn to begin this mystery that’s located west to Tsoka’we’kowahne.

o          You will need to solve a puzzle that you must stack gemstones according to their size (largest at the base and tiniest on the top).

o          This completes the Cairn along with your mystery.

Mystery #7: World Event (Ursine Takeover)

o          Allow the bears to get rid of the man in Vithrloekr.

o          Get the important thing from his corpse.

o          This will complete the ultimate mystery.

Hopefully this informative guide has removed all of your doubts and queries about the AC Valhalla Vinland Mystery.

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