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If I ask the you that what is the first thing in today’ time that builds a relationship and what is the last thing that is given importance by many of us including businesses in the scheme of things to build a relationship? Well the answer to this is clearly one word “CONVERSATION”. Now the idea of bringing conversation to the forefront in a business presides on giving people and business an equal footing so as to communicate their idea and feedback. While the business must be able to present its product line and engage with customers properly. It is often misconstrued that communication is same as conversation. In reality the difference is analogous to how you interact with an internet interface whereas the other one is how you interact with a salesman in an offline store.
In the digital marketing environment a business strategy emulates the idea of conversation than offline business strategy. There has been enough content discussed on how crucial communication is in digital marketing. In similar way conversation has a role to play as well. Now there are few steps which impact digital marketing to an extent that it can be a deal maker in pivotal scenarios.
Conversation marketing is a customer centric and dialogue driven approach to marketing. It has the focus of determining the level of customer engagement and customer experience to decide the future planning. In simple terms it is a system that ensures one to one discussion among businesses and customers using chatbots, chats and messaging apps. The key is to understand the customer point of view and adjust your pitch accordingly.
One major aspect of conversation marketing is the use of chat bots. Chat bots are available in all shapes and sizes with AI technology to button based bots. These chat bots play a crucial role of gathering data, providing information to the customer and develop a call to action as well.
Some important reasons which make conversation marketing an indispensible part of a digital marketing strategy includes points as
Precursor to effective communication
A well defines conversation marketing helps you to understand the customer better than any their medium. Based on the gathered information, one can easily decide upon the effective communication to build upon.
Efficient follow- up
The idea of having chat bots in place is to get the required information from the customer for a follow up action. Hence lead generation is crucial.

Better Synchronization
Well defined conversation marketing enables the business houses to have rapport with customer. At the same time it stimulates the process of sales by streamlining the pitches in order to have better impact on consumer minds.
Introducing AI
Conversation marketing is presided upon the advent of artificial intelligence in process of digital marketing. It is through a digital marketing platform that we have well defined guidelines and AI helps to speed up the process of analyzing the information available on the platform for strategy to built upon.
Overall conversation marketing has a pivotal role to play in digital marketing.
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