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CBD dab boxes are ideal for the presentation and protection of your medicated cannabis products. Whether you are a new brand or serving the industry for years, a well-designed packaging solution is essential for your brand’s success. Dab boxes are a good option to display your CBD concentrates and wax more effectively. The packaging is designed from premium-quality material to provide the utmost protection to your delicate products. It also helps in retaining their quality for long. These custom-designed packaging boxes provide an elegant presentation and increase the chance of getting considered by the customers. However, the main thing to be kept in mind is the design of the box. It should be appealing enough to grab the customers’ eye. Some manufacturers put a lot of effort into creating the best CBD products but when it comes to packaging, several aspects remain under noticed. Here we are going to highlight some of the common mistakes when it comes to designing dab boxes:

Mistake 1: Acceptance of Misprinted Context

Often little careless mistakes may lead to a big disaster for your product and brand as well. Accepting misprinted text or an uneven printing design for your CBD dab boxes can affect your customer base adversely. As a company, you need to ensure the utmost protection to your product and its package. The valuable information should be delivered effectively. If any of these aspects are overlooked, your business might end in loss. The unfit printed text and graphics should be noticed timely and alterations should be made accordingly.

Mistake 2: Unjustified Design Theme

With the increase in the demand for CBD products, the customers are paying full attention to even the minor details that were of least concern prior. Creating customized packages increase customer engagement. But the one having an unjustified design theme fail to grab the customer’s attention. The reason is the lack of pure artistic elements in your background. When you are designing your dab packaging, it’s essential to create a perfect mix of lines, color schemes, typography, images, and other geometric formats. Your branding theme should be such that it coincides with the company’s profile and build up a large audience.

Mistake 3: A Poor Selection of Material

In an attempt to avoid expensive customizations, some of the cannabis businesses go for opting low-quality material. It can destroy the entire outlook of your product and may lead to damage as well. The printing and design patterns fade away if the material to be used is not so sturdy. The ineffective submergence in these inappropriately designed packaging may cause further disgrace for your brand.  Custom dab boxes made from cardboard can fulfill most of the requirements and save your brand from heavy loss. Cardboard is a highly durable material that withstands all kinds of customizations very easily.

Mistake 4: No Clear Signs of Brand Marketing

In this highly competitive market, it is necessary to create a unique identity for your brand. It is not possible without working on different branding elements. If your CBD dab packaging is equipped with the splashes of simple printing or some design images but there is nothing to highlight your brand all of your efforts go useless. To make your products stand out among the competitors, a clear marketing technique should be used by the businesses. The whole material wrapped around your CBD product is the best place where you can translate the company’s vision more effectively. The internal portion of the dab boxes is good for printing product details, advantages, and the company’s introduction while its exterior works well for highlighting different branding details like name, logo, or tagline, etc.

Mistake 5: Don’t Include Legally Required Information

Especially in the case of CBD products, it is necessary to highlight the legally required information to make your packages more clear. The federal government has suggested some of the guidelines provide the audience with the right information. It includes:

  • The amount of active CBD/serving
  • A supplement fact panel including all ingredients
  • Net weight of the product
  • The name of the manufacturer or the distributor
  • Details like whether your CBD product is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or an isolate
  • A batch number or date code
  • The product usage and benefits

There are several other labeling requirements than just that. Your CBD products may require some other information as well depending upon how you classify them. For example, a CBD edible needs to follow the regulations as per FDA Food Labeling Guide. However, the one in the health or beauty category has to follow FDA’s rules on cosmetic labeling. Once you are clear about the classification of your products, apply these labeling guidelines along with general compliance information.

Mistake 6: Poor Sealing

When it comes to package closure, some businesses fail to pay attention to proper sealing. It may prove troublesome when your CBD goods are being shipped or stored. They may get influence by moisture, UV rays, high temperature, or odors. All these factors lead to spoiling product quality. Simply, your box may even fall off the shelf, making your product fall out and getting lost forever. Therefore, it is suggested to seal your box completely. Close all the cracks and endure points of contact. Never use cheap tape or a string for closure. Make sure that the sealing is strong enough and can’t be peeled off easily.

Mistake 7: Bad Internal Protection

Good packaging is not only a quality box. It consists of a right-sized box together with good sealing and necessary reinforcing material which prevents your products from moving too much during shipping. A right-side box makes your product fit in perfectly and the use of reinforcing material provides a good barrier against physical damage or pressure. It might be anything like bubble wrap, tissue wrap, Styrofoam peanuts or shredded paper, etc.  Special attention should be given to corners of custom dab boxes as they are the most vulnerable parts. The businesses which do not focus on this aspect fail to provide maximum safety to their products.

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