Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Are you looking for new furniture, but are not certain how to purchase it or even where to begin? If so, then you have come to the right place as in this read, we are going to provide essential tips for buying quality furniture pieces, from where to find it, the best time to make the purchase, and ensure you get the best deal. With that being said, let’s get into it.

  1. Measure and Measure Again

Do you have space for a sectional and a reading chair? Does that entryway table block your doorway? Will that dresser fit between your TV stand and bed? One of the best things you’ll want to do is take measurements more than once. Get the dimensions of the room you are fitting, the measurements of doorways as well as the size of your current furniture before you begin looking for anything new.

  1. Create a Room Mockup

Once you are done with the measurements, you’ll get a better feel of how things will fit by creating a plan of how you will arrange the room’s layout as well as the furniture you wish to add. Whether you prefer using tape on the floor to the stage where each piece will fit or using a sketch with the help of pen and paper, this is an imperative step before shopping for furniture, particularly if you want to make any returns.

  1. Research the Materials

What ingredients are in the wood glue? Is the coffee table made out of pressed wood? Does the couch have flame-redundant chemicals inside? If you really want to get top-tier furniture pieces, it is imperative to learn about the materials used for the design. If you or a loved one has allergies, researching the materials used is especially important as you do not want to deal with health issues down the road. If you are looking for independent curtain makers then see here.

  1. Ask for Swatches

Another great shopping tip is to always get samples and swatches. Whether you are purchasing a new loveseat, couch cushions or ottoman, it’s always best to ask for a fabric sample. This way, you can compare it to your existing furniture, carpet, wall colours, and home decor before making the purchase decision.

  1. Check the Quality

How do you tell that a piece is designed to last? A good start is to shop at a quality furniture store with people you can trust. A few general rules to bear in mind include:

  • Pick solid wood over particleboard or veneer.
  • Ensure the upholstery matches up at the seams
  • Look for couch cushions with coils or those that are reversible
  • Feel how close the springs are to ascertain quality
  • Look for an assembly that utilizes more dowels or screws than nails and glue.
  • Feel the sides and back of the chairs and couches to check whether they are reinforced
  1. Purchase at the Right Time

When should you purchase furniture? Generally, January and July as the best months to purchase furniture. That’s because most stores stock up on new pieces during February and August. This creates the pressure to clear out the old inventory. Also, the ideal shopping time depends on what you are searching for. If it’s new living room furniture, shop between January and July. For outdoor furniture, hit the stores between August and September.

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