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In modern business, the starting capital is not always the most important thing. Often, it is the idea for the basis of the company that brings the most profits. If you are launching a small startup company, one of the fastest routes to success is to make yourself appear more influential than you currently are. You have to push your way to the front of the line, and even if you are not yet the most deserving, you have to be the hungriest in the beginning, to be able to stay around long enough to be a success.

To get the opportunities to get you off to a good start in business, you have to project the appearance of already having arrived. Here are five ways to help you do just that by establishing your authority in your industry.

Produce Large Amounts of Targeted Content

Companies that want to make it in today’s marketplace have to connect with their customers online. You have many options to encourage your customers to look for you using online search engines. One of the best lead attractors is good quality online content in blog posts, videos and audio podcasts. Don’t limit yourself or your possibilities. Ever fancied yourself an author? Now is a great time to get into the publishing field. Online services that will sell your book help you jump over the middleman and eliminate the need for a publisher. You can also write blogs on your industry, produce videos and leverage social media networking to help people find information through you.

Push the Development Boundaries

Every industry has a goal that no one has achieved yet. For example, the autonomous vehicle will likely be the next big thing in the automotive industry. Find such a quest in your industry and set out to accomplish something big. If you can’t do it all yourself, don’t despair. Instead, join with a group of individuals and organizations working toward that goal. By putting your business at the forefront of the future of your industry, you are establishing a firm footing for today and planting seeds that will help you grow in the future. If your project qualifies, you could even be eligible for a substantial r&d tax credit¬†from the government. Explore all the angles; that’s what an industry authority would do.

Host Industry Events or Seminars

If you can establish yourself as a connector of essential producers, your reputation will help your glide to the top. In addition, hosting events, whether live or online, is a terrific way to engage with other professionals in your industry to share ideas and move toward the future. Getting the leaders in your field together places you in the center as the organizer and, by default, makes you one of them.

Tap Into Freelance Labor Pool

Never let a lack of human resources cause you to shrink away from a big project. An individual startup has the same resources as a major corporation in today’s gig economy. Moreover, technology has leveled the labor equation to favor smaller entities. Small companies hiring freelance labor can compete on projects that would have required a full-time staff in the past. You now have leverage working in your favor.

Familiarize yourself with the popular freelance sites, then take the plunge and hire someone for a small job. Work out a repeatable process for selecting great talent online.

Help Set Standards

Technology is moving the economy forward at astonishing speeds. Industry leaders must constantly create new standards, update best practices, and explore new ethical challenges in the wake. The people who sit on the boards that establish industry standards are just like you: participants in the industry. Put your expertise to work by volunteering to sit on committees and organizations as caretakers for your field. Your colleagues’ esteem will grow as they realize that you help guide the industry’s future that they depend on for their livelihood.

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