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5 Types of Birth Injuries Involving Medical Malpractice

Birth injuries are among the heartbreaking types of medical malpractice. If a child gets injured during the delivery process, it may result in irreparable damage to your entire life. Also, prefer a medical malpractice lawyer that help to get a sepsis claims for you.

There are numerous forms of birth injuries. They range in terms of severity, from catastrophic brain injuries to painful broken bones.

Technicians, nurses, and doctors are required to follow certain procedures as well as adhere to healthcare standards.

If they make preventable mistakes because of inattention, distraction, or insufficient training, they will be held accountable for the birth injuries. Some of the most common types of birth injuries you should expect are:

  • Cerebral Palsy

This is among the most devastating forms of birth injuries. Cerebral palsy refers to a group of disorders that result from brain damage.

The disorder usually arises from hemorrhages, errors in using medical forceps, and infections during childbirth. It is also a permanent disorder that might need treatment, like medications, surgeries, and therapies.

Children suffering from this condition might experience issues with their cognitive and motor functions, and they tend to miss certain developmental milestones.

  • Head Trauma

The truth is that certain births require intervention from doctors so as to help a baby pass through a mothers’ birth canal. During this process, a doctor may use vacuum extraction or forceps.

Using either of these might also be necessary to prevent oxygen deprivation or prolonged birth process. But they might, at times, result in head trauma to a baby.

Unborn babies usually have a soft skull that enables them to pass easily through a birth canal. Because of this softness, the skull becomes more vulnerable to damage, especially when a vacuum extraction or forceps are used.

  • Facial Paralysis

If the face of a baby experiences too much pressure during the birthing process, the infant might end up having damaged facial nerves.

Facial paralysis is usually common when vacuum extraction or forceps are used to pull the infant out. The child might not have the capability to move the affected part of their face, including the eyes. This leads to what is called facial paralysis.

  • Shoulder Dystocia

This is one of the medical terms referring to the most difficult birth in which a baby’s head exits the mother, but their shoulders get trapped inside the pelvis.

When a complication happens, nurses’ and doctors’ actions to rectify the condition will make a great difference between physical hardship and successful childbirth.

Based on the length of time and seriousness of the injury, the baby might suffer various injuries, including nerve damage or even death.

  • Bone Fractures

When infants are bigger to pass through a birth canal, their collarbone might get fractured because the babies will be squeezed through.

Proper fetal monitoring helps to disclose the infants’ size, thus showing that they will be too big for vaginal delivery.

Concluding Remarks!

When your baby gets one of these injuries due to medical malpractice from a doctor or any other healthcare provider, it is important to hire the right attorney familiar with birthing cases.

In order to choose the best lawyer for your case, ensure you research extensively and prioritize the experience of the expert to avoid being on the losing end.

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