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LED Headlight

It has become a trend to replace car headlights with powerful LED bulbs. More and more companies are contributing to the development of this technology by launching new and advanced headlight models. Being a car owner, I understand how important it is to choose the right bulb for better brightness.


Although thousands of companies are working with LED technology to produce different appliances, you still need to do some research when it comes to LED headlight manufacturers. Today, we will cover 5 brands that are known to offer high-performance LED headlights for almost all the vehicle types. 


It means you do not need to worry about finding your next headlight supplier for all your vehicles.


SEALIGHT (Editor’s Choice)

Not many LED headlight manufacturers can offer as many features as offered by SEALIGHT in its products. Thus, there’s no comparison to this brand when it comes to providing the best-LED headlights at an affordable price.

No matter if you are looking for a projector upgrade or simply want to get a new pair of headlights, you can trust SEALIGHT for it.

With SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 and S2, you can find h8/h9/h11 white LED headlights for any vehicle. The great thing is you can visit SuncentAuto’s website to find the right LED pair by entering your vehicle’s manufacturing details.

You can check out SEALIGHT Scoparc high/low beam white headlight to check the quality of this brand. You will be amazed to see the 6000k color temperature that gives you the freedom to drive at night with pure white light.




  1. It takes only 10 minutes to install even if you are not an expert
  2. The brand is well-known for manufacturing white LED headlights at an affordable price
  3. The availability of LED pairs of different vehicle types is unmatchable


  1. The fanless design can upset some users



XenonPro is another name in the market that you can’t ignore. You can find a complete LED headlight kit of this brand and use them on your vehicle. They are well-known for the fog lights that give you a safe driving experience even when the whole road is covered with fog. 


When you compare it to halogen bulbs, you will find a 300% improvement in brightness. However, this may still not be enough to compete with other brands like SEALIGHT.




  1. You can find variations in color temperature like 600k (pure white), 8000k (blue), and 12000k (purple).


  1. It comes with a pre-fitted canbus system to make it easier for you to install and use XenonPro LED headlights.




  1. You can face some difficulties finding the right pair of LED headlights for your vehicle due to compatibility issues.




If you are someone who likes to use feature-filled products, you can browse Aukee’s product lists and find some great LED headlights. The best thing about this brand is you get an opportunity to choose from different pairs of LEDs for the same car model.


Thus, you have the freedom to choose. Also, the availability of LED headlights (compatible with all the vehicles) is an amazing part of this brand. The Aukee H11 LED bulb with 10000 Lumens (50W) is the most popular product of this brand.


  1. The LED headlight product line is vast and offers different options for different vehicles
  2. You can find some powerful headlights with amazing brightness


  1. A lot of people complain about the customer service of this brand




If you are also someone who loves to find powerful LED headlights at an affordable price, you won’t miss out on this brand. Auxbeam is popularly known for offering premium quality LED headlights as a mid-range brand.


If you decide to shop through Auxbeam’s website, you can easily find the right headlight by choosing your vehicle’s model and other details. 


Auxbeam F-16 is an attractive LED headlight offered by this brand. It comes with a color temperature of 6000k and a built-in canBus system for the user’s convenience.




  1. Offers some affordable LED headlights
  2. A complete brand for LED headlights with all the required add-ons




  1. Can not compete with brands like SEALIGHT and XenonPro.




Beamtech is a pretty popular LED headlight brand that can give you headlights with 8,000 lumens with a 6500k color temperature. These all features sound too good to be true. However, it also compromises the build quality of the product and they won’t last as much as others.


The average lifespan of a Beamtech LED headlight is 30,000 hours while other brands are offering almost twice the lifespan at the same price.


It comes with a fanless design that keeps the annoying sound of your vehicle. The successful experiment with the new cooling system allowed them to do it,




  1. 6500k color temperature with 8,000 lumens brightness
  2. Fanless design with a new cooling system




The products of this brand have a relatively reduced lifespan than the competitors

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