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5 Things to Consider When Buying Denim Shorts

Denim shorts at La Haute come in all shapes and sizes, but the average pair is made of a sturdy fabric like twill or denim and is cut to sit just above or at the knee. They’re a timeless summer staple that can be paired with just about anything.

Tops, tees, tanks and dresses can all be worn with denim shorts to create a casual-cool look or a more refined one. The versatility of denim shorts makes them an essential warm-weather item for your closet. When you’re shopping for a new pair, here are five things to think about:

  1.   The Fit

Your denim shorts should be fitted to your body type and height. If they are too long, they will make you look heavier and taller than you really are—neither of which is a good thing! Remember that the fit of your shorts (and all other clothing items) should not be so tight that they show every bump and curve on your body; nor should they be so loose they hang like curtains.

If the front of your shorts gapes open or looks like it is about to fall off, then they are too big. Additionally, if there is excess material bunched up around your waist or armpits, then they are too small. Also, make sure that your shorts have some stretch to them. The best denim shorts have at least some spandex in their fabric; this allows for a better fit as well as the ability to move with you when you walk or run.

  1.   Style

Denim shorts are available in various styles and cuts. You can either go for a classic style such as the Bermuda Shorts, or something more modern like a high-waist cut. Slim or relaxed fit? It’s up to you! Some people prefer a slimmer cut, while others might want to avoid drowning in fabric opt for a more loose-fitting pair of shorts. And then there’s always the length: do you want them to hit at or above the knee or ankle length? Tip: If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, we’d recommend going for the Bermuda shorts. This versatile style can be worn with anything from graphic tees to summer dresses and everything in between.

  1.   Adaptability

Everyone has different body types, but there’s no reason your shorts can’t fit your frame just as well as your favorite jeans. You want to make sure that your denim shorts have enough room throughout the legs and waist without being too baggy or too tight. Also make sure that there are buttons at the waistband of your shorts in case you need to adjust for a more flattering fit.

  1.   Color

Denim is an indestructible fabric, so even if it fades over time, it will never go out of style. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your shorts will be “cool” when you wear them a year from now. However, there’s nothing wrong with looking stylish while you’re at it — especially if you plan on wearing them often. Choose shades of blue and gray that will look good with a variety of shirts and shoes that you already own.

  1.   Fabric

Denim shorts are available in a variety of different fabrics, but the most common is denim. Denim is a strong durable material that can be very hardwearing. However, denim is also a heavy fabric, especially when wet or if made from thick denim. If you’re planning to wear your shorts while swimming or engaging in any kind of water-based activity it may be worth choosing another material such as chambray or linen which will dry much more quickly.

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