Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Keep It Simple

Avoid making the website look too busy with unnecessary stuff. It is best to keep things simple yet exciting, which most professionals recommend when designing an eCommerce website. The more banner ads, colours, and pop-ups you allow on a page, the more you overshadow the message or point it’s putting across, and this reduces the odds of closing a sale.

A few bells and whistles will suffice, but going all out on these only makes them a distraction. The ideal design to go for is something that results in a simple, clean, and clear presentation that focuses on the sale. Take a look at ‘ecommerce web design‘ for locally tailored results.

Make Sure Your Product Information is Correct

Whatever your visitors and clients are looking for on your website, make sure you only provide reliable information. This might include:

  1. Inventory/Warehouse Levels
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Photography, Videos, and Other Media
  4. Costing

A fantastic Product Information Management (PIM) system that is coupled with your commerce and ERP systems will be beneficial.

Prioritise Branding For eCommerce Website

People often buy from established brands when shopping online. With so many fronts and scammers on the internet, ensuring your eCommerce site does not fit the same bill would be best. It should not be a faceless entity.

You should put some serious thought into the brand if you want to build trust for your eCommerce business which can help increase sales. The branding is your business’ DNA. It speaks volumes about who and what your company is about and why it is different from the competitors.

Making these facts known plays a crucial role in connecting with the market (target audience) and driving sales. But defining your brand will not cut it; you also must infuse it into your website design. You need not worry if you have not determined who you are as a brand. Take some time to do some business soul searching, evaluating everything that describes the business, and you will find your answer. Ask yourself the following:

  • What would my brand be if it were a person?
  • How can I describe my brand in three words?
  • What makes my brand unique from the competitors?
  • What does the business do that’s different or better than others in the industry or market?

You can start building your eCommerce website’s brand once you are confident you know who you are as a company. Also, make sure the branding focuses on building trust with your audience, essential in driving sales.

Include Consumer Testimonials

Feedback from actual people is an excellent approach to increase client confidence and encourage purchases. So, while you’re developing your website, think of methods you may show off consumer feedback.

Will you have a place for product/service ratings? Will there be a page with case studies and client testimonials? Can you upload films and photos?

Think Like A Customer

It would help to think like your audience if you want your eCommerce website design to resonate with them. Potential customers visiting your site will be expecting it to offer a flawless experience in its overall presentation (design), easy navigation, and a straightforward, hassle-free shopping process.

Therefore, strive to ensure your website does not fall short of these expectations if you want it to be a success. Step into your visitors’ shoes. Figure out the kind of layout that is easy to navigate and organise your products to make everything make sense.

Also, identify the best way to streamline the checkout process to make it smooth for your shoppers. Thinking like your visitors or customers helps you anticipate what they want or expect from your online store. You then can design the eCommerce website to meet those needs. The colours you use will significantly impact the objective you want to achieve.

Therefore, do not be quick to go for your favourite hues. What you pick will be a powerful tool; thus, learn the psychology behind every colour you want to use. It will help you know how to maximise its potential influence as you target driving up sales.


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