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There are different forms of substance abuse, from alcohol to over-the-counter medications. Even though you may feel ashamed of your addiction, you deserve to recover. You may not feel it, but you are worthy of love, and that starts with loving yourself. But before you can heal, you must first acknowledge you need help. You can obtain advice for getting help from reputable rehab facilities like WhiteSands Tampa treatment, which provide effective aid to those in the early stages of addiction with specialized care and support.

Luckily, there are many forms of treatment available. From therapy to 12-step meetings, you can get the help you need. 

With any form of treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your treatment plan may differ from a friend’s, and that’s okay. The ultimate goal is to succeed and overcome your addiction. As you reclaim your health, you will learn how to manage it so you won’t get addicted again. 

Below are some treatment options. Read over them and see if one or many of them are a good fit for you! 

1. 12-Step Programs

You can attend a 12-step program in addition to other treatments. Or, you can see if a 12-step program is all you need to get better. 

Each person responds differently to 12-step programs. Many are effective for people overcoming alcohol and substance abuse. There are different programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AAA). So, depending on your type of addiction, find a 12-step program that gives you the best chance to heal. 

During the program, you must recognize that your addiction has negative consequences. Then, after accepting that you are causing harm to yourself, you move on to surrender. You can attend ongoing group meetings once you’ve submitted to a higher power. 

Attending meetings regularly is essential. Without them, you could fall back into the pattern of your addiction. There’s also the option of going to an extra meeting should you encounter a trigger. 

2. Medication 

There are many kinds of medication available to make abstinence easier. With the right medicines, you experience fewer cravings, and your mood can improve. With an improved mood, it’s easier to manage your symptoms and make a full recovery in time. 

Lofexidine is one medication approved to treat opioid addiction. So, if you or a loved one are addicted to opioids, this medication may be a good option. Another medication is acamprosate which may reduce an alcoholic’s need to drink. 

It’s best to combine medication with another form of treatment, such as attending therapy. It would help if you didn’t depend on medication alone. It’s also vital to get well physically and emotionally while taking medication.

3. Therapy 

Therapy is a powerful way to process what you’re going through. It may also help you realize why you became addicted in the first place. 

With a trusted therapist, you can open up and convey your feelings. It would be best to find a therapist you feel comfortable communicating with. You may see a therapist and realize that you don’t click with them, and that’s okay. Move on to the next one until you find one that you feel can guide you as you learn to stay abstinent. 

While in therapy, your therapist will introduce different treatment tools. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one tool you learn. CBT teaches you how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You also learn to recognize unhealthy patterns and how to cope with triggers. With tools in your toolbelt, you can pull out the tools as you need them. 

Other Options: 

Contingency management therapy (CM) – This form of treatment reinforces positive behavior by giving you rewards. So, if you choose not to drink, you may receive cash or a gift card, for example. 

Treatment Centers – No matter where you live, treatment centers are available that help you through your addiction. For example, in Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills Recovery offers detox and other forms of treatment during your stay. 

Holistic Therapy – If you enjoy yoga, art therapy, and similar activities, holistic therapy may be a good fit. Holistic therapy focuses on your well-being. In addition, you may get acupuncture and other natural treatments. 

Recovery Is Possible 

You may feel discouraged and tempted to give up as you rebuild your life. But, if one form of treatment isn’t working, don’t stop until you find one that does work! Remember, each person responds differently to various forms of treatment. So, going to therapy and taking medication may be a good fit for you. Or, you may find that going to 12-step meetings is all you need. 

Be patient with yourself as you learn to stay abstinent from your addiction. These things take time, but there are caring people to help you. If you feel alone, reach out to a loved one or professional. With the proper guidance and belief in yourself, you will get better!

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