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If you’ve been looking buy   tiktok followers lately then you know that the number of platforms that offer this very product has increased vastly. 

It’s not just a number of platforms they offer tiktok followers, but also the number of platforms that offer worse quality and are more likely to cheat and scam you. 

Which makes it all the more necessary to be diligent and careful when purchasing tiktok followers online. 

While there’s no one way to be careful online, there is one guaranteed that  can save you from the hustle of being scammed or cheated off your money. 

That method heavily involves paying with PayPal, because PayPal allows you to clean refunds or money back, and keep your identity intact. 

You can also use PayPal with only those companies that are legit and offer the services for sure. Meaning that if a company is to have the payment option with PayPal, that already means the company has been vetted, checked, scrutinized buy the PayPal commitprofesst’s a trustworthy company. 

Thus, people makes a great importance in purchasing tiktok followers.  In this article we’re going to be going over 10 such websites that offer tiktok followers with an option for you to pay with PayPal. 

These are the best websites in the market that not just have a lot of payment options but also the higher quality of products, with better services and reviews on platforms like trustpilot and on their websites. 

Without further ado, let’s get discussing.


This is one of the first websites on our list of the best platforms to buy tiktok followers using PayPal. 

As you can guess, this is on the first place precisely for the reason that it offers payments with PayPal. Now all the other platforms on our list will have this option, so what makes this platform special to be on the first place? 

There are many reasons for it, one of them is the quality of products and the service and number of free services available on the platform. 

This is one of the only and unique platforms in this industry that offers free to talk likes followers and views. Now you’re probably here to buy tiktok followers not get them for free but if you were to ever wanted to get some for free of course not on unlimited number, you could go straight into this website check out their free tiktok like section and get some likes for yourself on top of the followers you buy. 

When it comes to the views, the platform does shine bright with a lot of positive reviews on platforms like trustpilot, and scam advisor and others including their own website. So this website is not just a website that sells Tiktok followers and offer some free tools.

It’s the one that offers one of the highest quality services in the market and the best products, proof of which are in the reviews. And of course apart from the payments with PayPal, you can buy TikTok followers with cryptocurrencies, credit cards with pretty much any other way you deem convenient for you.


The second platform on at least of the best sites to buy tiktok followers with this platform called feed pixel. Unlike the first platform above, feed pixel offers more than just tiktok followers. The platform hosts the number of platforms like Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter,  and so on and offers all sorts of products like views likes comments shares etc. 

This is also one of the platforms that has been in this industry for a while and is also one of the big platforms with various types of payment options a lot of positive reviews, and many different free and pay tools to help you become the influencer you’ve been wanting to for a while now.

One of the best features about this platform is how great the service is. It’s in fact one of the main reasons that this happened to be in our list. Because they not only offer chat support, but also 24/7 support through emails and other means of contact. 

That means there’s no way you could be left without having your issue resolved if you are to ever buy from them tiktok followers or something else all together. The service works almost in a perfect way that every single client who comes on to the website gets their needs met. 

Of course like with many other websites there are those clients who are not 100% satisfied sometimes and it’s due to their own faults sometimes it’s due to some of the mistakes that humans can make and as humans we should all understand that. 

But they do have 4.7 score on trustpilot. It’s the pricing that also sets this platform apart from others, they are in the cheapest, per se, the cheapest in terms of the quality you get along with the products. The platform offers high quality products which are very safe and remain on an account but eternally. Of course there are some times when the platforms like YouTube, Facebook do purges and sometimes delete those inactive accounts they happen rarely and even when they do the platform promises you feel within first month. 

So overall this is definitely one of the best websites in this industry and one that you can buy using PayPal for they offer various kinds of payment options.


The next best platform on our list of the best websites to buy tiktok followers using PayPal is called Tikfuel. This is also one of those websites that focuses solely on tiktok, and try it’s best to make sure that whatever you buy for tiktok is the best you can get in the market. 

This is a platform with not a lot of services, but a platform with the services that matters the most like followers, likes and views, the quality of which  are among the best in the market. 

On top of the quality the pricing of this platform is very competitive. If you are to buy tiktok views you could start buying them at only a $1.97. That is quite nice considering that it’s among the cheapest prices in the market. 

The whole process of checking out is also very simple and platform itself looks very nice and easy to navigate, all the user experience and all that stuff are spotless. With this platform there’s no need to praise it even further. 

Especially the reviews on the platform that talk about its followers are great. They have overall 4.8 score on Trustpilot and that’s based off of 70 reviews which makes it like over 80% of the customers are happy with the platform. 

One of the most important things that we haven’t touched upon is the payment methods and whether they have PayPal or not. While it’s true that all the other platform in our list are offering PayPal. It wasn’t easy to pick only those that offer PayPal.

Because today this is an industry there there are so many different kinds of platforms and so many types of businesses that is hard to find the one that you can trust, especially the one that uses PayPal and this platform seems to be one of those platforms that offers payments with PayPal and any other means of e-wallets or cryptocurrencies. 

Overall this is a great platform with relatively cheaper and affordable prices and great service. Of course if you want to buy something else apart from tiktok followers then this wouldn’t be an option for you, since they don’t offer any other product. But if you’re just looking for tiktok followers and only tiktok followers then this is definitely a platform you should check out at some point.


Fastlikes is a company that you should turn to when you’re looking for that exactly the fast likes. Because they work with many other products as well, such as followers, due to their fastness they also tiktok followers fast. 

What’s great about this platform off the start is the ability to pay for the past followers with PayPal. 

So this alone should be enough for you to go out and check out this platform and perhaps even get yourself some followers along the way. 

But if you’re reading and come this far then you already curious about the platform and what else they have. let’s review this platform a little bit. 

So the platform offers premium quality products including followers, and of course they offer fast delivery with quality guarantee that’s guaranteeing your satisfaction with not only the service in the quality but also 24/7 support. 

The platform also has a chat feature that you can contact at any time if you have any questions or doubts perhaps some issues with the orders. 

Although their main service focuses seems to be on Instagram the platform offers other services like tiktok and the pricing for tiktok doesn’t seem as high as in many other platforms.

They are still reasonable and considering they have a good quality,  It is  possible to consider and go ahead and buy. 

Another thing is they offer you feel guarantee which means in case something happens and at some point you end up losing some of them. You can contact the platform back and request a refill which is a very nice feature that guarantees you have the number of bad followers at all times on your account. 

So to sum up the review, it’s a great platform that offers fast likes with great service and best of all the possibility to pay for all of that with PayPal.


Another one of the social media platforms that offers not just to talk likes but also so many other things like views, comments, shares etc. If you want to buy tiktokYou shall find this platform near perfect for it has all that you need. 

The platform looks very professional and neat and the whole process of purchasing tiktok followers is quite simple in three steps. Selecting a package entering the details and proceeding to payment is just those three steps necessary to buy tiktok followers.

Of course if you’re wondering about the third step and whether you can pay with PayPal or not then you already know the answer which is yes. And it’s not just PayPal that you can pay for your TikTok followers with but a whole bunch of other payment methods which we won’t name because women mentioning that again and again all the time and it’s very clear what are they. 

When it comes to pricing though the platform tends to be a bit more expensive than the market average. but the quality of products are worth the price which still means that the price are a bit higher than the market but is on par with the quality. 

The reviews of the platform are what proves this equality. They have some of the best reviews not just on the market but also on platforms like trustpilot where they specifically talk about the quality and how real and authentic those followers were. 

So if you’re looking for tiktok followers but also other products like comments perhaps or even shares then this should definitely be one of the first platforms you should turn to to buy those on top of the tiktok followers you want because the platform not only allows you to pay for them using PayPal but also offers some of the best qualities in the market albeit  with a bit of a higher price.


Fueltok has been the talk of this town lately a relatively newer platform into this industry that has been gaining quite popularity itself probably using its own services but we can’t tell why yet. 

It works is fundamentally different than other services we’ve talked about. If you’re looking to buy TikTok followers you can definitely buy it there. 

But they work usually with subscriptions so what you buy there is a plan. That’s usually per month with a very varying package and each package will include tiktok followers but also views, likes and other necessary products for tiktok growth. 

They will also handle the targeting, custom settings, analytics, hashtags and stuff like that. So it’s a great platform that not just helps you to grow but offers you to that without you being involved in the process as much as you would personally be otherwise. 

The platform not just sells tiktok followers for you they also try to get real ones depending on the package you pay for.  

Although the platform is new, it had gathered quite a number of positive reviews on Trustpilot and on its own website people seem to be talking about and praising how easy it is to use their service and gain popularity on tiktok. 

The only thing is their pricing seems to be much higher than other platforms of course you can just buy 100 likes and expect to be popular. You would have to buy a package and that  package costs more than just buying a hundred likes. 

So if you are to looking for just a few number followers on tiktok or likes and that’s it, and you want to manage your account all on your own then that platform really won’t fit your needs. 

But if you are a type of person who doesn’t want to micromanage everything but still wants to grow on the platform then choosing  them could be the next best decision you would make before you become the next Zach King. 

And the best of all since we’re talking about the payment methods PayPal and whether you can use it or not this platform also allows you to pay for their services whether they are monthly packages or not with PayPal.  So you should be safe with the payment there.

Popularity Bazaar

Another platform on our list of the best websites to buy tiktok  followers using PayPal only is a platform called popularity Bazaar. And much like other platforms this is a big website that offers not just tiktok followers but a whole bunch of other products for other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, into each and so on. 

Just like the name suggests it’s a Bazaar for popularity where you can get fast delivery for all services including tiktok followers, with  24/7 customer support. They also seem to guarantee replacement which means if you order something and you don’t get it they are ready to refill it or replace it within the 24 hour. 

The very process is easy you just have to pick the platform or choose it from the drop down menu and click on the product you wantm pick your package then enter the details and proceed to check out without ever entering your your personal information. 

The platform seems to be very popular for their views and followers since this is two of the products that they’ve been praised by the customers on trust pilot and on their own website. when it comes to the pricing though there are some products like YouTube and Instagram which are cheaper than the market, much much cheaper. 

But when it comes to tiktok followers they are not  the cheapest, they are on the market average but considering that they have some of the highest quality of products overall their pricing is fair and is worth the product

So overall this is a good platform with good reviews fair pricing and a lot of choice. And if you’re looking to buy tiktok followers and you only want to buy with PayPal you should definitely check this website out because they also do offer PayPal as a method of payment.


Famoid is the next platform on a list of websites to buy tiktok followers with PayPal. And since this is an article about platforms that do business using PayPal, this definitely is one of them. 

Now on top of offering payments with PayPal the platform offers a whole bunch more, like 24/7 service, high level customer support, and payment details with option to see your order details. 

But they work a little bit differently than the rest of the platforms on the market because you don’t just by followers, you buy packages which will include followers or likes or views of any platform you choose. 

They claim that they offer tiktok followers out of premium quality and are real and active people. Simultaneously they also claim that it’s possible to advertise to these people. But unlike other platforms they do not offer instant delivery, their delivery is gradual and get slower the more number of followers you buy. 

That kind of makes sense since buying a thousand followers and having them come within a minute would not only be suspicious to the platform but also be suspicious to the other followers you have who may end up thinking that you’re doing something sketchy to increase your followers. Because an increase of a thousand followers within just a few minutes is that very thing. 

When it comes to pricing of those followers, they are actually a bit more expensive, even more expensive than the market average.  Considering that they’ve been in this business for a while now and are popular and have been established, that could explain the pricing and the reasons behind it. 

But also it could be that they offer only premium quality followers with real people could be another reason why they’re pricing is higher. But regardless of the higher pricing than the market, the platform does offer payments with PayPal and they have great service and various products to offer. 

So if you were to ever choose Famoid you won’t be mistaken but this still is one of the best websites to buy tiktok followers video or without using PayPal


Another website that focuses mainly on tiktok and it’s products is called thick boost and this is the next platform we’re going to review. 

Tikboost as a platform that focuses on the tiktok offers only tiktok followers, viewers, and likes. 

Unlike other platforms, their business model is different because they don’t work with a product based business model. They’re more like a subscription based likes the ones we had one or two platforms above. 

So when you buy a package from them you’re buying not just tiktok followers but any other product the tiktok has like views, likes, sometimes shares, comments, and other such things. 

They don’t just help you acquire those products they also help you grow by doing follow and unfollow or other methods they didn’t disclose on their website. They say they  link your account to their app where they control your account to make it grow faster, by invigorating the motivation of viewers to live likes and comments

So the platform offers things like Auto engagement, research hashtags for daily posts and automated targeted growth, and free content courses, and likes, and comments on every post and surely the support with track and analytics that come with the app itself. 

Although it might seem a bit hard to understand it’s simply another app that you connect to your tiktok app which will take control of your tiktok apps growth. you’ll just have to provide them with the content. 

As such their pricing is higher than the average in fact there’s no pricing information on the site but we can only assume that it’s going to be much higher than just buying 100 likes or followers yet regardless of the price, this seems like something that you might want to try for it will offer a holistic product that’s going to help you grow fast and in a guaranteed motion.

Overall this is a great platform that boosts your tiktok and helps you grow organically while also providing you with likes followers and all other tiktok products. Of course  they do accept Paypal which means if you’re only thinking of paying with PayPal then you shouldn’t worry or wonder if they accept because they do


When it comes time to buying tikok followers and especially using PayPal it’s hard to choose the one and only that you can come back to all the time yet despite the fact that we’ve already given you 9 of the best platforms, there is just one more left which is at the same level if not better than the rest of the platforms we’ve discussed so far. 

This platform is called socialwick and offers loads of services for social media platforms and surely including tiktok and tiktok followers.  In fact you could buy any other type of product for tiktok like comments shares even saves. 

The platform offers fast delivery which makes it popular among the other social media platforms and the influencers that turn to the website,  and for high quality profiles that you buy the followers from.  

However its prices that differ than the rest of the market that you can’t really buy cheaper than the market average.  But the quality will definitely be on par for the price you pay for the products.

It’s the reviews that make the platform stand out which are almost always positive on their website and even on social media platforms and on trustpilot the platform also offers free services. 

Yes if the first website on our list was the platform that offered free tiktok followers and it was due to that reason that it became one of the first ones. Then the last platform in our list also happens to be a platform that offers free tiktok followers likes and so on. 

Overall this is a great platform to buy tiktok followers with PayPal and cryptocurrencies or other means of payments if you want to with positive reviews and great customer service it’s definitely a site that you should consider checking out.

To Wrap up

At the end of the day if you’re looking to buy tiktok followers only using PayPal, then you will need to do a little research and probably check out the pages on your Google search, one after the other and read their contacts about us and stuff like that to really find the one that sells for PayPal. 

But we have already shortened your work and gave you the 10th of the best websites that not just deals with PayPal, but I also truly the best websites in this industry of selling tiktok followers. 

When you buy tiktok followers from any one of these websites, whether  using PayPal or not, you are sure to receive the best quality and the best service that is on offer from this market. 

If you just looking to buy tiktok followers just this time then go ahead and check out the first two but if you want to be a regular then you might want to check out some of the other ones and see if you like one over the other and which one you would like to settle with. After all the choice is up to you.

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