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With all the distractions present in the modern world, it can be challenging to focus on your studies and absorb your reading material. Luckily, plenty of mobile apps can help you study better. Whether they’re basic study aids or ways to keep track of how well you’re doing in class, these 10 apps will help you get the most out of your educational experience without making it any more stressful than it already is. 

1) Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free service that searches for academic papers. It is a great place to look for up-to-date research on a topic you are learning about or plan to write about in school. Just type in what you want to know more about, and Google Scholar will find relevant articles, books, and other documents that have been published by others who have done work on your topic. 

It’s also helpful if you want to know more about someone who has written an academic paper on your case; just type their name into Google Scholar, and it will tell you where they’ve published their work and how many times other researchers have cited it as their name.

2) iBooks

iBooks is one of Apple’s most underrated applications. In addition to doing reading and studying more leisurely, it’s a great organizational tool for schoolwork and personal projects. iBooks makes it easy to annotate textbooks, highlight critical information, and mark your place without losing your place in class. 

And with iCloud built-in, you can keep all of your notes in sync across all of your devices; just remember to download them before walking into that exam! If you want more detailed features like handwriting support and audio recording, try out iBooks Author. Then use File Sharing on your iOS device to get back all of those annotations right where you left off!

3) Notability

Notability is a go-to choice for many students looking to boost their note-taking skills. As an iPhone and iPad app, Notability provides you with a clean interface for creating and organizing notes, syncing them across devices, attaching files, etc. One of its best features is its voice recording functionality: Simply record yourself reading your notes aloud, and your device will transcribe it onto your messages. You can use Tovaio Digital Planner which is the best pdf format documents app that can be used along with Notability to edit text easily, erase mistakes easily, use templates and have everything you need from pages to stickers all in one place. This is a very beneficial app for everyone.

4)Oxford Dictionary

Although flashcards are a classic study tool, it’s not always easy to come up with your questions. This dictionary app gives you millions of words, phrases, and examples to use as prompts. You can even mark words or sentences as favorites to quiz yourself later. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Looking for a place to download free softwares? Look no further than RarBG. This website is known for its huge selection of pirated software and media, and it’s always growing. You can find everything from popular games to antivirus programs to educational videos. 

5) HabitRPG

Want to build good study habits? HabitRPG does a great job of gamifying your studying. For example, with HabitRPG, every time you study for more than 20 minutes (or whatever other time increment you choose), you get to roll a die and then collect XP. Completing specific tasks will earn you gold that can be spent on cool stuff like new swords or mounts. The app even has a great chat function where you can connect with fellow students working toward their own goals. If that’s not enough incentive, consider how much better you’ll do when your studying becomes fun! Plus, it’s available for Android and iOS devices (as well as a web interface). Start leveling up today!

6) GoConqr

GoConqr is a free, cross-platform app that lets you create notes on an e-textbook and browse them in various ways. It even syncs your highlights across devices, so if you’re reading on your iPad, for example, and highlight a few points, those notes will be saved in your online library for easy reference later. Best of all: GoConqr also works with many major publishers like McGraw Hill and Pearson Education. In other words: You can study smarter with some great tools from GoConqr.

7) Evernote

Evernote is a great resource for students—it’s like a planner, calendar, notepad, to-do list, and email client in one. It’s available on all your devices, including your phone and tablet. As you take notes in class or during study sessions, you can quickly file them into different notebooks (or Evernote) depending on what material it is. When it comes time to study for an exam or complete an assignment, you have everything right at your fingertips. Keep that to-do list updated and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Plus, Evernote lets you record audio notes to include spoken information.

8) myHomework Student Planner

Instead of spending hours in front of your computer, a planner can help you work smarter. A quality planner that features monthly calendars, weekly planners, and list-making pages is an essential study tool for students. Homework Student Planner for iOS or Android gives students a way to plan their day on the go with a daily overview and detailed schedule options. What’s more, it allows for custom reminders to be set for individual classes or events, and there are pre-made homework notes available as well.

 Need something to track your grades? The app allows you to log quizzes and tests by subject and period in addition to attendance records, assignments, and projects.

9)  Pocket

There are a lot of places you can save articles, notes, and other study materials, but most students seem to prefer Pocket. It makes it easy to categorize and tag resources, making it easy to organize your study materials to make sense to you. A simple study tag could help you find everything related to studying more easily.

10) Memrise

Memrise is all about learning through repetition, and it’ll help you do just that. It offers interactive language lessons, helping you learn one of more than 50 languages using native speakers’ voices, creating your flashcards, and even tracking your progress to see how much more there is to learn. Since learning a new language can be a long-term goal, Memrise breaks down what you need to know in small chunks, so it’s easier to stay motivated. Plus, users also get access to a vibrant community where they can test out their skills against native speakers worldwide.

Conclusion:Studying for exams can be quite a hassle, but with the right tools at your disposal, it can be a lot less daunting! Our top 10 apps that will help you study smarter. Whether you’re looking to focus on your learning process, stay motivated, or get organized, these apps have you covered!

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